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Shetland Times: Strike action wins strong support in Shetland and disrupts public services #unisonscotN30 #N30

Dozens of public sector workers in Shetland braved torrential rain and cold winds this morning to march in protest against UK government cuts to their pension schemes.

Around 70 members of trade unions including Unison local government and health branches and the GMB marched from the shopping centre at Toll Clock to the Market Cross under dark winter morning skies.

Hundreds of workers took part in the strike action, which caused widespread disruption to public services within Shetland Islands Council and NHS Shetland. Most schools were shut for the day and inter-island ferries were shut down, though the NHS stressed it had maintained “adequate” emergency provision.

Full Shetland Times report here


Shetland Branch slideshow #unisonscotN30 #N30

Hugh Henry MSP supports pickets in Paisley #unisonscotN30 #N30

From Paisley 30 Nov 2011

West Dunbartonshire picket line pictures #unisonscotN30 #N30

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde branch pickets with their fantastic banner - more in slideshow below #unisonscotN30 #N30 #welovethenhs

Fantastic rally in Aberdeen for pensions justice

Over 2000 folk gathered in the Castlegate for a fantastic rally in Aberdeen today. #unisonscotn30 They were there to show huge anger at attacks on pensions and determination to fight for pensions justice for all. Congratulations to our union colleagues around the country for a fantastic show!
Kate Ramsden, Aberdeenshire UNISON

Johann Lamont MSP shows her support on the Glasgow march

Johann Lamont MSP joined marchers in Glasgow


Teamster offer support

Teamsters and members of the national nurses union are today showing solidarity with our members with a demonstration outside the Briish Consulate in Washington today

Dave Prentis: Today history has been made by millions of ordinary men and women #unisonscotN30 #N30

UNISON General Secretary Dave Prentis today told a rally in Birmingham that today's strike was "the biggest demonstration of determination and defiance that this country has witnessed for almost a century."

He said that the millions taking part in today's action - mostly women, many first time strikers and tens of thousands of young people newly drawn into the union movement - were "the people against the powerful" who should take courage from today's success.

He added: "Today, history has been made - not by politicians - not by bankers and business leaders, but by the millions of ordinary men and women - few of them militants or hardened activists, many thousands who have never taken industrial action before, who, with courage and quiet resolve have said: ‘enough is enough’.

“They are decent men and women, who on any other day of the year are working tirelessly for this country; dedicated – devoted – to the people, the families, the communities they serve; ensuring we are safe, healthy, our children educated, our future protected. Little noticed, rarely thanked, often maligned, taken for granted.

“But today, for one day you’ll see them: the people we rely on for so much, gathering outside every school, every hospital, every library or public office, lining the high streets and filling in town squares - making their stand, with bravery and dignity."

Dave told the striking workers that instead of putting bankers in charge of whole countries, as in Greece and Italy, we should be putting the people in charge of the banks.

He said: "The stand we are making today is part of a wider awakening as people around the world demand an alternative to more cuts, more job losses, more poverty and austerity, enforced with a blatant denial of democracy.

"It’s the people against the powerful, the 99 per cent against the one per cent, the millions against the millionaires - and we know which side we are on."

Dave's full speech is here


Evening Times: Picket Line Scotland - 300,000 join pension strike #unisonscotN30 #N30

Glasgow's Evening Times today reported on "Picket Line Scotland".

AROUND 300,000 public sector workers in Scotland went on the picket line today in the biggest strike for more than 30 years.

Across Glasgow and west Scotland schools, hospitals, courts, transport and Government offices were hit by closures and cancelled services.

Picket lines had been mounted outside schools, hospitals, JobCentres, courts and other buildings, while more than 1000 rallies and other demonstrations were held across the UK in a row over proposed pension reforms

Full report here

Bick: You have a legal right and moral duty to stand up to bullies

Upwards of 10,000 public service workers were treated to a barnstorming performance by Rodney Bickerstaffe today outside the Scottish Parliament. #unisonscotn #N30. Reaching out to the young people on the rally, he was cheered as he urged them, “You wonderful young people, you have a legal right and a moral duty to stand up to bullies and diktat or they will walk all over you”.

Marchers were still coming down the Royal Mile as the rally began and they cheered in their thousands when Rodney told them, “Thousands and thousands are out today and we’ll do it again and again if and when necessary.”

Rodney, president of the National Pensioners Convention and ex UNISON general secretary, rounded on the hypocrisy of the ‘millionaire’ cabinet. “They rightly stand and show respect for dead at the Cenotaph for one day. But they go on to show disrespect for the living for 365 days”, he said.

We rightly mourn the death of thousands in the World Trade centre “but when 25,000 old people die every year from winter related illness, nobody sheds a single tear”.

The hypocrisy that says we have to pay the price when it was “they and their city friends who caused all this mess in the fist place”.

Rodney challenge government accusations that public service workers were ‘uncaring’. “Who was it out in the fog that night on the motorway pulling bits out of the tarmac? Who is it that wipes the noses and bottoms day in day out? Not them. They wouldn’t know what caring was if it sat on them!”

“Uncaring? They’re the ones closing the hospitals, throwing people out of jobs, cut, cut cutting.

He tore into the attempts to create a public-private divide on pensions. “It’s like saying that because one person has had their leg cut off, it is only fair that everyone gets a leg cut off”.

“You’ll need two legs if you’re going to beat the b****** - and that’s what we’re going to do!” said Rodney as the rally erupted.

“The government call us unpatriotic because 2.5 million of us are out on strike. What about the 2.5 million unemployed they’ve created – lost days every day of every year. Who is it who’s not patriotic?

And to those who crossed our picket lines today out of so-called ‘principle’, he asked, “Will they show the same principle and say ‘we don’t want that pension you have won for us because we didn’t stand up and fight for it?’”

Mike Kirby: Our solid strike with great public support shows government must stop great pensions robbery

UNISON's Scottish Secretary Mike Kirby told the rally in Glasgow that today's strike is being led by women who won't be fooled by government ministers.

He said that the real pensions crisis is in the private sector, where two thirds of employers don't pay a single penny towards their workers' pensions.

Mike said: "It could cost this country up to £15 billion to support the millions of private sector workers who have been locked out of saving for their retirement."

He added: "Never before have so many public service workers and so many women taken action. We know that today's strike is being led by women - 3.7 million could be affected by the plans to make detrimental changes to pensions.

"And they won't be fooled by government ministers' claims that their justified action will hit jobs.

"They know the real reasons that the dole queues are growing are the disastrous choices the government is making.

"The critics of today, the bonus billionaires and Tory Cabinet millionaires know nothing of the value of public services, where we care for elderly and infirm people, we teach children, empty bins and save lives."

See full news release here


Pensions Justice: marching to Holyrood photo - lots more in Edinburgh slideshow below

From Edinburgh 30 Nov 2011

Message of support to UNISON from Impact union in Ireland

Peter Nolan
Good wishes and solidarity to all Unison Scottish workers fighting today to defend their basic conditions of employment.

Today is a crucial day for workers in Scotland, Northern Ireland and the UK.

It is also an important day internationally as trade unionists and governments throughout Europe and the world look to see Unison’s one million plus members take a stand to defend their pensions.

Message sent to Scottish Secretary Mike Kirby from Peter Nolan, National Secretary, IMPACT Municipal Employees Division

STV: Public sector workers strike across Scotland

30 November 2011 10:59 GMT Scotland is facing the biggest day of strike action in a generation with public sector workers across the country striking over changes to their pensions.

Video includes Mike Kirby, UNISON Scottish Secretary
Full report here


BBC: Striking staff march on Holyrood

Thousands of striking public sector workers have marched outside the Scottish Parliament, in protest at UK government pension changes. Full report here

Picket lines, march and rally pics in Orkney #unisonscotN30 #N30

Moray council branch slideshow

Gathering for rally in Aberdeen - slideshow

North Ayrshire pickets slideshow

Marchers in Edinburgh gather below the castle

From Edinburgh 30 Nov 2011

Strathclyde Police and Fire Branch pickets picture slideshow

Greater Glasgow and Clyde Health branch picture slideshow

Glasgow City picket lines slideshow

Slideshows from Lanarkshire Health, Edinburgh City and Skills Development Scotland

Pictures from Edinburgh, North Lanarkshire and Tayside

Edinburgh City UNISON branch flag waving to support picket lines around the capital
More from an Edinburgh council picket line

UNISON Tayside Health pickets at Kings Cross, Dundee

North Lanarkshire branch pickets

More strike pictures from around the country

Pickets at the Western Isles Hospital in Stornoway

Pickets in Greenock

On the steps at Glasgow School of Art's historic Charles Rennie Mackintosh building

Out at Foresterhill Health Campus, University of Aberdeen

Pickets at SEPA in Edinburgh

More pictures from picket lines. More to follow!

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Staff taking action at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen this morning

Early pickets at the Golden Jubilee National Hospital in Clydebank

Picket line in Edinburgh

Tooting up support outside Strathclyde Police HQ in Glasgow

Herald: Public sector staff in mass walkout

Public sector staff in mass walkout:

Last updated 30 Nov 2011 - 3:50 am

Schools, transport and hospitals in Scotland face disruption as public sector workers stage a 24-hour strike
More than 300,000 public sector workers across Scotland are taking part in the biggest day of strike action in decades.

Schools, transport, hospitals and courts will all be affected by nationwide industrial action against pension reform.

The action is in response to UK Government plans to increase the amount of money public sector workers pay into their pension, raise the age of retirement and introduce career-average pensions.

David Watson, Unison organiser for Scotland, said "just about everyone" will be affected by the day of action in the same way as on a public holiday.


BBC News: Public services grind to halt as 300,000 workers strike across Scotland

BBC News - Public sector strike cripples services in Scotland: Public services across Scotland have ground to a halt, after 300,000 public sector workers went on strike over planned UK pension and job changes.

Most schools have closed for the day and thousands of NHS appointments cancelled. Travel is also being hit.

As workers picket the Holyrood building for the day, SNP ministers will use a government debate to brand the pension plans a "cash grab".


Morning Star: Walkout to be 'biggest since 1926' - Prentis

Walkout to be 'biggest since 1926' / Britain / Home - Morning Star: A mass walkout by millions of workers over pensions on Wednesday is set to be the biggest strike since 1926, Unison general secretary Dave Prentis predicted today (28 Nov).

Mr Prentis said there was "absolutely no chance" of reaching a deal that would prevent the strike from going ahead.

Nurses, teachers, council workers and many others are set to walk out on Wednesday against government plans to short-change them on their pensions.


Video: Scotland ready for 'day of action' - Daily Record

Video features Ronnie Smith EIS, Lynn Henderson PCS and Grahame Smith STUC speaking about Nov 30 strike for fair pensions

Piping hot strikers at Glasgow Caley

GCU UNISON members walk out on strike at midnight led by pipers and filmed by BBC and STV camera crews

N30 pensions strike begins at midnight - Tayside Police staff

Tayside Police branch - after walking out on strike for fair pensions at midnight

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Autumn Statement

While many of the detailed spending measures in the Chancellor's Autumn Statement don't apply to Scotland, it does impact on overall spending and on reserved issues.

There will be £433m of additional Capital spend although this is spread over four years. The Revenue consequences are unclear.

Other announcements that do impact on UNISON members in Scotland include:

·         Raising the state pension age to 67 by 2026. Further proof you can’t trust this Government on pensions.

·         More public sector job cuts. 710,000 across the UK and that could mean around 70,000 in Scotland

·         A public sector pay cap of 1% for the next two years when inflation is topping 5%. The cumulative effect of 2 yr pay freeze, 2 yr 1% pay cap + pension contributions increase will be a 16.48% pay cut in public sector.

·         Looking at Regional Pay so he can give ungrateful public sector workers in the most deprived regions of England and Scotland a further pay cut.

·         Promised increases in Child Tax Credit abandoned.

·         Creating further job insecurity by undermining employment rights on unfair dismissal, redundancy and TUPE.

·         And if you still have a job you are more likely to die at work when health and safety rules are abandoned.

The UK Government is planning to borrow £billions to keep workers on the dole rather than investing to get people into work and growing the economy. Even those in work will be less willing to spend when they see what’s coming.

For more see Dave Watson's analysis.

Message of support from Ian Davidson MP

Public service workers and their families should not be paying the price of a crisis caused by the bankers – whether through pay freezes or cuts, job cuts, service cuts – or cuts to pensions.

That’s why I am supporting the pensions action on 30th November – and so should Labour!

Our party has for too long seemed to be taking its natural supporters – including UNISON members – for granted. 

As the first of the candidates in the Scottish leadership elections to support the action - and I am glad that the other candidates have all now said they also support it - I will be out on picket lines in solidarity with public service workers campaigning for fair pensions for all. 

Ian Davidson MP

Message of support from Drew Smith MSP

Unison members taking strike action as part of the national pensions dispute have my support and solidarity.  Pensions are deferred wages, not perks.  The UK and Scottish governments should be getting around the table with the public service trades unions to negotiate a settlement but instead they have forced the issue to the point of crisis.  Paying more, working longer and getting less is an insult to hardworking public servants across Scotland, and I will be joining Unison picket lines in Glasgow to make clear my opposition to the government’s unreasonable and foolish stance.

Drew Smith MSP, Glasgow, Scottish Labour Party

Young Labour & Students support N30

Pensions are often seen as an issue for older people. Far from it. It will be young people who will pay the biggest price of the Government's pension robbery. So we welcome this statement of support.

Scottish Young Labour and Scottish Labour Students are proud to announce their support for those workers and organisations taking industrial action on November 30th.

With University lecturers, teachers and public sector workers taking industrial action across Scotland to protect their pensions and ultimately their livelihoods, it important that we acknowledge the hugely positive effects these individuals have on the young people of Scotland and in recognition of these facts support them at this difficult time.

As ConDem and SNP cuts eat away at our public services these pensions proposals shift an unfair financial burden on to those in our society who work to ensure a bright and prosperous future for Scotland’s students and young people. These strikes are the only way some of the youngest workers have a chance to express their anger over the future of their own pensions and the pensions of their families. When we increase the contributions to pay for Osbourne’s deficit reduction we lay a heavy financial burden on those just starting to make their way in the jobs market.

Many of Scotland’s best and brightest young graduates go on to work in our schools, hospitals and public services and these proposals present a serious threat to future economic and holistic wellbeing of those graduates who chose to use work in the public interest.

Message of solidarity from MEPs

Please find attached a message of support and solidarity from the members of the Socialist and Democratic Group in the European Parliament for the trade union action taking place in defence of Pensions Justice on Wednesday 30th November 2011.  I am heartened to say there is similar action taking place across the European Union.

All the best

David Martin MEP

Trade union Actions across EU for a change in EU and national level Economic policies to protect jobs, public services, social rights and pensions Justice

We, the Members of the Socialist and Democrat Group in the European Parliament, send all our support and solidarity for the trade union Actions taking place across Europe on and around the 30 November. More than twenty British unions and over two million public service workers take industrial action in defence of their pensions in the UK, and similar actions across Europe in defence of jobs, public services, social rights and a democratic and social Europe.

Across Europe, both public and private sector workers are being punished for a crisis they did not cause. Austerity policies are cutting jobs on a massive scale and forcing public sector workers to pay more in pension contributions, work longer before they can claim their pension and yet get less money when they finally retire.

The S&D Group condemns attempts to create antagonism between workers in the public and private sectors across Europe and emphasises that they are all victims of a failure of EU Governments and the EU Commission to get a grip of the economic and financial crisis, and develop economic policies for growth and jobs rather than for a downwards spiral into an economic abyss.   The S&D believes that jobs and a decent pension are fundamental rights for all EU citizens that go to the very core of the European Social Model.

The S&D Group urges EU Member States and all the associated institutions to stop the in-fighting, and focus their energies on working together in solidarity to sort out the euro-and wider economic and financial crisis before we all go over the cliff. Workers across Europe are looking to decision makers to show leadership and act in defence of their futures, how long are we going to keep them waiting?


The Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament

Guardian columnist: Protection of public pensions will support, not damage, the economy.

The Guardian's Seumas Milne lists five reasons why public service workers are right to strike...

  • Industrial action is the only way left to defend pensions.
  • The strikes are in defence of public services, not just their workers.
  • Protection of public pensions will support, not damage, the economy.
  • Ministers won't shift because of a good case – but under pressure.
  • Walkouts are a direct challenge to the wealth grab of the 1%.

The full article is here


Dave Prentis: Not one single penny of increase will go into pensions

UNISON General Secretary Dave Prentis told the BBC's Good Morning Scotland radio programme today that members are striking tomorrow as "a final resort".

He explained why members are so angry and stressed that "not a single penny" of the 50% increase in members' contributions will go into the pension fund.

He said: "Every single penny will go back to the Treasury in London to pay off the deficit caused by the failure of the banking system."

Dave added: "It is not just a contribution increase. It's telling them they have to work longer, to 66, 67, and then when they do get a pension it will be far worse."

To hear the full interview on BBC iPlayer click here and go to 1hr 33mins 30 sec.

UNISON reaction to Autumn statement

Tuesday 29 Nov

Following the Autumn statement, UNISON, the UK’s largest public sector union, is calling on the Chancellor to stop the unjust attack on public sector workers and their families. The union said that plans to impose a £3.6 billion tax on public sector workers’ pensions, and to hold down pay for another two years, would not only bring misery to millions of families - it will put the brakes on economic growth. The union also criticised plans to bring forward the raise in retirement age as unworkable and unfair.
Dave Prentis, UNISON General Secretary, said:

“Our recovery is as non existent as the Chancellor’s apparent understanding of economics. Growth has stalled, and experts are predicting the double dip will hit. What will it take for the government to realise Plan A is failing?

“We desperately need to get Britain spending. A bad situation will only be made worse by imposing a £3.6billion tax on public sector pensions, by holding down public sector pay, and by throwing hundreds of thousands of public service workers onto the dole. It’s time to drop the public sector pensions tax, and take steps to put money back into peoples pockets. This will boost growth and get Britain hiring – as it is, the private sector is in no position to dig the country out of trouble.

“Not only is austerity hitting growth – the way it is being applied means unfairness is growing. The government’s cuts and austerity agenda is hitting women, the young, and making those who are less able to pay plug the deficit. Meanwhile it is still billions in bonuses for bankers. This is only storing up trouble for the future.”

UNISON is preparing for the largest strike in a generation tomorrow (30 November) – as its 1.1 million members in public sector schemes working in the NHS, in local government, further education, higher education, school support, police staff, PCSOs, in water, energy and transport and in the community and voluntary sector, will join 30 other unions in the biggest industrial action in a generation over government ministers’ plans to make damaging changes to pensions. 

From UNISON UK Press Releases

Monday, 28 November 2011

UNISON membership applications jump 126% since #N30 ballot result

Comparison of monthly figures show that applications to join UNISON, the UK’s largest union, have jumped a massive 126% since result of the union’s ballot for strike action was announced. An overwhelming 81% of these applications have come from women – reflecting exactly who women are turning to for support.

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Use the hashtags #N30 and #unisonscotn30 when tweeting please.

#N30 Pensions Strike: BBC poll suggests strong support

An opinion poll commissioned by BBC News #unisonscotn30 suggests 61% of people believe public sector workers are justified in going on strike over pension changes. The poll indicates greater sympathy for the industrial action amongst women - at 67% - compared to men, at 55%. Younger people, it also suggests, are considerably more supportive of the strikes than pensioners; almost four in five 18-24 year olds back the action, a little under half of over-65s do.

Saturday, 26 November 2011

£300m Scottish local government pension surplus

Research by UNISON - Scotland’s largest union in public services has shown that payments into local government pension funds in Scotland are £299.944million more than being paid out to pensioners. This figure does not include income to the pension funds from investments. The NHS scheme is also £2bn in surplus across the UK, nailing the myth pushed by UK ministers that more money is needed for public sector pensions.

The figures are published on the eve of a strike on November 30th which will see hundreds of thousand of public servants take industrial action over Government imposed attacks on public sector pensions. 

The UK Government has imposed a change in the way future pension rises will be calculated from being based on the Retail price Index (RPI) to the Consumer price Index(CPI) this shift will mean that over time pensions will lose around fifteen per cent of their value.  In addition there are also threats that the retirement age will be raised.

These changes are being imposed against a background of 5% inflation and a pay freeze across local government and the NHS.  Members of the Local Government pension scheme pay between 5.5% and 8% of their salary into the scheme. As the value of wages drops this puts pressure on to not join or to opt out of the pension scheme. This in turn impacts on the stability of the pension funds and greater welfare costs when staff retire.

 Speaking about the figures UNISON’s Scottish Secretary Mike Kirby said:

“These figures show that public sector pension funds are not just healthy - but valuable contributors to the economy  - funding much needed investment.The current attacks on both pensions and on public sector employment will be bad for the schemes  - and in the long run bad for the economy. The UK Government won’t be putting any of the money they raise or save from stealing from pensions into the schemes  - just using it to pay back debt run up to bail out their friends the bankers – it’s not justifiable or fair and people won’t stand for it”

Contributions (000s)
Benefits (000s)
Surplus (000s)
Dumfries & Galloway
North East Scot


Thursday, 24 November 2011

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Best value bins not so simple

Edinburgh councillors voted for the in-house option at a meeting on 24 November 2011.

There is no place in local government for anyone who knows "the price of everything and the value of nothing" according to UNISON as they publish their analysis of the Edinburgh Bin contract. Best Value includes social, environmental and economic factors. It’s not just the case that councillors are permitted to look at these aspects of the privatisation debate – they are legally obliged to examine all these issues alongside questions of service quality and price.

Peter Hunter, UNISON Regional Organiser explained: "We left Thatcherite price wars behind when we ditched competitive tendering and built a new system to prevent bidders driving down costs by attacking employees and reducing service quality. If this was a straight price comparison we wouldn’t need rules, guidance and a democratic debate, we would just sit at a computer, type in "Go Compare" or get a quote from the Meerkat. Simples! Thanks to devolution Scotland has a broader test where we combine social justice and sustainability with the quest for efficiency. Against that background the in-house bid is great news for Edinburgh - £45m savings, but not at any price"

The UNISON report sets out the social, economic and environmental "costs" of the Enterprise bid and observes that the in-house bid is preferable on quality and price when viewed from a Best Value perspective. But UNISON is alert to the challenges ahead.

Peter Hunter said: "Employees and service users need to be very clear, a vote for the in-house option is not a soft option and it certainly isn’t a vote for the status quo. By testing the council service against the very best the market can offer the ABM programme is transforming a vast range of local services. Saving £45m from a cash strapped service is a major challenge but we’re ready to take that test. We’re up for change if it’s a change we can believe in."

Notes for Editors
UNISON briefing

For further details contact:
Peter Hunter, Regional Organiser  Tel: 07740167777
Dave Watson, Scottish Organiser Tel: 07958 122409

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Glasgow schools to close to pupils on strike day

From the Glasgow City Council Website

All education establishments in Glasgow will be closed to pupils on Wednesday 30 November.

This decision has been taken by the council because of the planned widespread industrial action by a number of public service trade unions that day.

A council spokeswoman said: “The health and safety of our children is paramount and as we have no idea of knowing how many teachers and school staff will be in each establishment until the day of the strike, we have taken the decision to close all schools on Wednesday 30 November.

“This gives parents and carers time to make alternative arrangements for the day.”

All establishments will be open as normal on Thursday 1 December.

Plans will be made for non-striking staff who wish to attend work on the day and this will be communicated to education establishments this week.


Friday, 18 November 2011

Singing out loud for public services

The Workers come from across the country and right across Britain's diverse public sector. Their jobs are different, but they share a love of music, and have joined up to record "Let's Work Together" in solidarity with everyone involved in November 30th's Day of Action for Pensions Justice.

You can buy the single from 20 November at usual outlets.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Show that Scotland backs the Robin Hood Tax

UNISON Scotland supports the Robin Hood Tax.

It is a Financial Transactions Tax (FTT) that could raise billions internationally and in the UK from the financial sector to provide funds  to tackle global poverty, climate change and to curb cuts to public services.

We’re urging members to take a minute to sign the Oxfam petition.

Support for the FTT is growing. France, Germany, Argentina, South Africa and Brazil all support it.

It's vital we keep up the pressure ahead of the UN climate talks in Durban in South Africa next month.

But David Cameron's Government continues to side with the interests of a privileged few in the financial sector rather than with the 99% who are suffering the effects of the economic crisis.

Indeed the UK has fast become one of the key blockers in the international process.

That's why it's so important for Scotland's voice to be heard. By demonstrating our support we can show that Mr Cameron is even isolated within the UK. It's time to stand up and be counted; it's time for the Robin Hood Tax.

More information at Scotland backs the Robin Hood Tax