Wednesday 31 October 2012

#StrongerTogether in @unisonscot - Pictures from recruitment events around the country

 Branches around Scotland have been busy organising Stronger Together recruitment events

Argyll and Bute stewards, with UNISON Scotland Regional Organiser Bridget Hunter,
Lead Officer for Nurses and Midwives 

Ayrshire and Arran health branch held a student nurse
event on the Stronger Together campaign
Strathclyde Police branch is holding meetings on the move to a single police service in Scotland – and so many people turned up they ran out of membership forms.

Area Organiser Deborah Dyer said: “We started our series of reform meetings yesterday at Pitt street under the Stronger Together banner.  

“More than 400 police staff attended with 11 Stewards assisting.  Deputy Chief Constable Ruaraidh Nicholson also attended the second meeting to show his support for police staff.

“The turnout was amazing and staff were saying they felt supported and had a better understand of the challenges they face.  Both sessions had a robust Q&A session at the end with people agreeing to recruit colleagues to UNISON to protect their terms and conditions.

Above and right - the recruitment stall at an information day at Forth Valley Royal hospital in Larbert

Above and right - Grampian Health branch recruiting - and an entrant to their 'Spot the Ad' competition.
And the Stronger Together advert on a Lothian Bus. Have you spotted any? Send in the pictures!

Friday 26 October 2012

UNISON wins Edinburgh equal pay deal

Fri 26 Oct 2012

UNISON has won an equal pay deal for thousands of council staff in Edinburgh. The union today agreed a settlement with the City of Edinburgh Council after a long-running battle to secure equal pay claims by up to three thousand workers.

John Stevenson, President of Edinburgh UNISON branch said:
“We welcome the settlement of these long standing equal pay claims - and we are delighted that many of our members will soon start receiving their compensation. Equal pay for work of equal value is an important principle – but we aim to ensure it happens in practice too.”

The majority of equal pay claims brought by UNISON in Edinburgh were on behalf of women administrative and school-based staff, who argued that their work was of equal value to male manual workers in receipt of bonus payments. The Court of Session agreed with that case and the council has withdrawn an appeal to the Supreme Court as part of the settlement with UNISON.

The deal covers the period from up to five years before the date of claim.

A council spokesperson described the settlement as “an excellent outcome for these employees” and said it reflected a commitment to partnership working from all sides.

Council Leader Andrew Burns said the ruling coalition group was “absolutely delighted” that the equal pay claims had been resolved before the end of the year.


Notes for editors

1.  Joint statement on Equal Pay settlement by UNISON and City of Edinburgh Council
day 26 October 2012 

The City of Edinburgh Council and the trade union UNISON, are pleased to announce that terms have been agreed to settle the outstanding equal pay claims of former APT& C employees lodged by UNISON on behalf of their members.

UNISON have confirmed that these terms will be recommended to their members and that this will bring this long-running dispute to an end.

The agreed settlement terms will take a number of months to implement fully and both the Council and UNISON are calling upon those affected to remain patient whilst arrangements are put in place. Payments will commence in the next couple of weeks and will be staggered over the coming three months.

A council spokesperson said: “This is an excellent outcome for these employees and reflects a commitment from Councillors, Officers and trade union representatives to partnership working.”

Leader of the Council, Andrew Burns, said “the Capital Coalition had a firm aim to resolve these claims before the end of the year and we are absolutely delighted to report that this has been achieved.”

John Stevenson, President of City of Edinburgh UNISON branch said: "We welcome the settlement of these long standing equal pay claims - and we are delighted that many of our members will soon start receiving their compensation."

2.  Background to the Edinburgh equal pay claims (UNISON Scotland)

The equal pay claims were brought mainly by administrative staff and school-based staff, who were claiming that their work was of equal value to male manual workers who received a bonus.

The Council claimed that the female employees could not make this comparison so the claims were invalid. The UNISON claimants won the point at the Employment Tribunal, the Employment Appeal Tribunal and the Court of Session.

The Council had appealed to the Supreme Court, but that appeal will now be withdrawn as part of the settlement agreement.

The settlement will cover the period from up to 5 years before the date of claim.


Thursday 25 October 2012

Public service staff face 'toxic cocktail' of cuts and violence at work - UNISON

Thursday 25 October 2012
A 'toxic cocktail' of cutbacks and violence against public service workers has resulted in a huge increase in the number of violent incidents reported to employers, according to a survey by UNISON Scotland.

The union's annual survey of violent incidents reported to public service employers shows that 34,739 staff reported violent incidents last year - almost 15,000 more than when it was first conducted in 2006.

Scott Donohoe, chair of UNISON Scotland’s Health and Safety Committee, said:
"The biggest increase in violent incidents is happening in those council services that are facing the brunt of spending cuts. Staff are stretched too thinly, dealing with service users facing cuts in the services they rely on. This is a toxic cocktail that is putting hard pressed workers at greater risk of violent assault."

UNISON's Scottish Organiser Dave Watson will present the survey results to the UNISON's health and safety conference at Stirling University on Friday 26 October.

Dave Watson said:
"The latest figures demonstrate an appalling level of violent incidents faced by staff who are simply doing their job."

The report shows 34,739 staff reported incidents last year. This compares to 20,000 incidents when the first survey was undertaken in 2006.

There has been a big increase in incidents over the last year in local government by 2257 to 14274. While there has been a marked improvement in reporting that may explain some of the increase, there are also 7,000 fewer staff working for councils.

The NHS shows a further decrease over the last year in incidents by 967 to 10,974. However, the two largest health boards (Glasgow and Lothian) were unable to produce figures this year, so these figures have to be treated with caution.

Dave Watson criticised employers who failed to produce figures:
"While we are pleased that many employers are improving their systems, others have obviously got some way to go. If they can’t produce decent statistics they cannot be tackling the problem”.

Convictions under the Emergency Workers Act have increased over the last year by 44 to 324. Due to the limited scope of the Act few violent incidents result in criminal action. Efforts to address this were blocked by the Scottish Government when they opposed Hugh Henry MSP’s, Protection of Worker’s Bill.

Dave Watson said:
"Employers must redouble their efforts to protect workers and the Scottish Government must play its role by strengthening the criminal law."


Note for editors:
The UNISON Scotland Survey of Violence at Work 2012 is online here:


UNISON appalled at Nursing and Midwifery Council fee increase

Thursday 25 October 2012

UNISON, the UK’s largest union has branded the decision of the NMC to enforce a massive 32% fee increase as unfair and disproportionate.

The union said it was deeply worried at the move, in the light of the recent £20m grant the regulator received from the government, and said there were alternatives that would mean the NMC did not have to take this step now.

The change – which is subject to Privy Council approval – will mean annual fees increasing by nearly a third from £76 to £100. The union said this would hit particularly hard given that nurses and midwives had not received any pay increase for the last two years.

UNISON head of nursing Gail Adams said:

“This is an appalling move by the NMC. There is no justice in making nurses and midwives – who have had no pay rise for two years – pay for the past financial mismanagement of the NMC.

“It beggars belief that the NMC are pushing ahead with a massive 32% increase on annual fees when they have just received £20m from the government – what message does this send to the nurses, midwives and patients whose interests they are there to protect?  

“The NMC is the largest regulator in the world, and with their predictable income, should not be in the financial mess that they are in. Registrants did not cause this problem, and enforcing a fee increase that will impact on their already stretched incomes is unfair, disproportionate and untimely.

“The NMC could, and should have postponed this decision and used the time to rebuild the trust and confidence of registrants. There was nothing to stop the NMC from freezing registration fees and reviewing the situation next year; they could then use the grant to start addressing the backlog of fitness to practise cases.

“The solution is clear, and it is extremely disappointing that the NMC are ignoring it and the respondents to their consultation.”

UNISON had already said it could not support a move to increase fees following an NMC consultation earlier this year. 

UNISON UK news release


Growth (GDP) figures - UNISON response

Thu 25 October 2012

Commenting on the growth figures of 1% Dave Prentis, UNISON General Secretary, said:

“These figures are deceptive. Our economy is still scraping along the bottom. Much of this growth can be attributed to the Olympics effect.

“Thousands of families struggling with unemployment or frozen pay that has plunged them into poverty are still feeling the cold winds of recession. With prices high, job insecurity rife and Christmas just around the corner, for many hardworking people this still feels like an economic depression made in Downing Street.

“Vital industries such as construction are struggling and more than 2 million people cannot find a job. The UK urgently needs the Tory-led coalition to ditch austerity and put in place a pro growth, pro jobs sustainable growth strategy.”

News release from UNISON UK


Wednesday 24 October 2012

Water is a human right - video

A video to promote the European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) for the right to water and sanitation has been launched.

In the first month 30,000 people signed the ECI. But more are needed.

This ECI has become even more topical following a Commission letter that openly includes privatisation of water as a condition for bailout. It shows that market interests continue to prevail over essential human rights. It also shows that the Commission is going beyond the remit of Treaty which regards privatisation as a matter of national sovereignty.

This ECI campaign is a means of getting a EU-wide commitment to the human right to water and sanitation. It is a tool to change the mind-set in the European Commission from the market to people’s rights. Sign the ECI at !

Recruiting in North Lanarkshire - #StrongerTogether in @unisonscot - #joinUNISON

Busy at a stall at North Lanarkshire's education headquarters, in Kildonan Street, Coatbridge.

And on the stall - get a free mug if you are successful in recruiting a new member

#StrongerTogether in @unisonscot - a UNISON ad outside Meadowbank stadium

This highlight billboard is outside Meadowbank Stadium - and below it is the Adtrailer at two leafy locations - Udston Hospital, Hamilton and Kirklands Hospital, Bothwell.


#StrongerTogether in @unisonscot - here's some of our train station ads



Let us know if you see them.

#StrongerTogether in UNISON




Tuesday 23 October 2012

#StrongerTogether in @unisonscot - new billboard at Aberdeen station

Just up in Aberdeen...

If you spot our ads out and about, put them up on your branch website, blog, Facebook and Twitter pages and share - we want to hear about your recruitment events too. Send us the links.


#StrongerTogether in @unisonscot - open day stall at SSE in Cumbernauld

Well done to the stewards at SSE in Cumbernauld for lots of great recruitment work at the open day last week.

#StrongerTogether  #joinUNISON
Remember to send in pics and/or upload them to Facebook and Twitter etc and share.


Monday 22 October 2012

UNISON tells MSPs that Scottish Police Authority & Chief Constable must decide police officer/police staff balance, not Cabinet Secretary

22 Oct 2012

UNISON, which represents police staff, will tomorrow (Tuesday 23 Oct) tell MSPs considering the draft Budget that Government direction on police officer numbers is “economic madness.”

Scottish Organiser Dave Watson, giving evidence to the Scottish Parliament’s Justice Committee, will say that the new single police force must not be constrained by the Government insisting on maintaining police officer numbers at the arbitrary figure of 17,234.

He will say: “UNISON believes that the Scottish Police Authority and the Chief Constable should be able to decide the correct balance of police officers and police staff using Best Value principles.

“They should not be subject to a political direction from the Cabinet Secretary for Justice that effectively restricts cuts to police staffs.”

The 17,234 figure limits how the force can make savings. It is the key factor in proposals which could see up to 3,200 vital police support staff posts axed, with potentially up to 2000 police officers taken off fighting crime full time to provide cover.

Dave Watson will say:
“The vast majority of these job cuts can only be achieved by substituting police officers for the roles currently undertaken by police staffs.

“Taking trained operational police officers off the streets to perform administrative or specialist tasks – at greater cost, is economic madness. It is also contrary to the Best Value provisions in the Act.

“This will return the police service in Scotland to almost the 1980’s, with inefficient and outdated police practice.”


Notes for Editors:

1. UNISON’s written evidence to the Justice Committee is online at

2. Police staffs are properly qualified civilian personnel delivering a wide range of routine, complex and specialised functions that are central to modern day police forces, while allowing uniformed officers to concentrate on operational policing duties. They include custody staff, front office, traffic wardens, licensing staff, clerical support, intelligence gathering, control room and forensic staff. Already police officers are being drafted in, typically at twice the salary, to undertake these duties.

3. Other documents giving analysis of the police reform process and UNISON’s campaign for a balanced, modern police force – rather than cutting thousands of police staff jobs – are available on our website on the police pages 


#StrongerTogether in @unisonscot - Adtrailer in Motherwell #joinUNISON

22 Oct 2012

Here's the Adtrailer at Dalziel House in Motherwell.

North Lanarkshire branch are out and about recruiting.

Keep the pictures coming in!


#StrongerTogether in @unisonscot - bus ads at Wishaw General today

22 Oct 2012

Buses with UNISON's Stronger Together recruitment campaign ads were at Wishaw General today.

Lanarkshire Health branch were busy recruiting.

The Adtrailer was also there - as part of recruitment events across Lanarkshire continuing this week.

Do send in pictures and if using Twitter use the #StrongerTogether & #joinUNISON hashtags.


Saturday 20 October 2012

UNISON Scottish Secretary tells politicians: “enough is enough” #SCOct20

Speech by Mike Kirby, UNISON Scottish Secretary  at STUC March and Rally For A Future That Works - Glasgow 20 October 2012

As the ink dries on the signatures of Diamond Dave and Alex I on the Edinburgh Agreement

We gather to say to politicians of all colours and persuasions:

You’ve less than 100 weeks to sort it. To sort out your way of getting us out of the mire which you’ve created

#SCO20 pictures on UNISON Scotland website

Lots more pictures on UNISON Scotland website

Star of stage and screen #SCO20 rally at Glasgow Green

Photo: Rally on Glasgow Green
If we're not mistaken that's our own Mike Kirby up on the big screen  #SCO20 rally at Glasgow Green
(pic by Murdo Maclean)

New photos from Glasgow

#SCOct20 #oct20 Photos now on the UNISON Scotland website

Last walkabout for UNISON Tayside Police Staff banner before the merger

From George McIrvine: Last walkabout for UNISON Tayside Police Staff banner before the merger. Sniff sniff #SCOct20 #Oct20

On the March with the UNISON Kinneil Band

#Oct20 #SCOct20 Video clip of the thousands on the Glasgow March For A Future That Works

Banners bright in George Square

#Oct20 #SCOct20 The sun shines on banners as the march gets ready to leave in Glasgow for a Future that Works. Photos:

BBC Scotland: Protesters to march against cuts in Glasgow #SCOct20
From BBC Scotland website:

The Scottish rally, organised by the STUC, will begin in George Square at 11:00 and will end at Glasgow Green.

The STUC said it will be led by former Remploy workers who lost their jobs when the government owned factories were closed.

Disability activists, trade unionists, community groups and public sector workers will be joined on the platform by organisations like the National Union of Students, the Church of Scotland and the Hardest Hit Coalition.


Robin Parker, the president of the National Union of Students in Scotland, who will be speaking in George Square, said: "Students are standing side-by-side with trade union and community members from across Scotland today because we don't want to see Westminster's austerity policies dump an entire generation on the scrapheap.

"The Scottish government has said they are putting a priority on tackling youth unemployment, but they can do more. If they are serious about tackling youth unemployment, they need to be serious about funding colleges.

"Our generation needs a future that works."

Full article here

FBU battlewagon ready for the #SCOct20 march in Glasgow

Get to George Square for 11am and follow the battlewagon of our comrades in the FBU - on the STUC march for A Future That Works


Sun shines for marchers in Glasgow

#SCOct20 #Oct20 The sun has poked through the clouds to welcome thousands of marchers to George Square in Glasgow. And in London Sefton branch arrives. Branch secretary Glen Williams reports: "We left Sefton at 4am. There were 120 of us on the train - more than last time including many low paid workers
"We've had to scoop our banner out of the Thames. The wind blew it in and it's sopping wet - weve been sold down the river!"

Friday 19 October 2012

Tweet what you are doing on 20 October

#SCOct20 Tweet @unisonscot as you set off for Glasgow tomorrow. Follow @unisonscot and hear how people are getting to the march.

#SCOct20 & #StrongerTogether in @unisonscot - Look out for billboard in George Street tomorrow

19 Oct 2012

If you're marching in Glasgow tomorrow - and we hope you are, please join us - look out when you leave George Square for the UNISON billboard on George Street at John Street.

It's a scrolling ad - part of our Stronger Together in UNISON recruitment campaign. Send pics of it with the march going by, if you do catch it as you pass.

If you're tweeting use the hashtag #SCOct20 and include @unisonscot. Or send pictures to us on Facebook.

And have you got your UNISON Twibbon?

Black Members Conference 17 November

UNISON Scotland's Black Members' Conferenceis on 17 November at the Scottish Parliament. Get your forms in before 7 November. See for details.

#SCOct20 Scots marchers set to descend on Glasgow to protest against Con-Dems cuts

19 Oct 2012

Lots of Oct 20 march and rally reports in the Daily Record today including several UNISON members speaking up for public services....

"Scots marchers set to descend on Glasgow to protest against Con-Dems cuts

"They will show their support for an STUC event which calls on the Government to quit slashing jobs and frontline services and start investing in jobs and growth."

"Scots from all walks of life will descend on Glasgow tomorrow to join a march and rally protesting against devastating Government cuts.

"Families, pensioners, hard-pressed workers, unemployed people and students are among those who will gather to show their support for the STUC event A Future That Works – There is a Better Way.

"Instead of slashing jobs and frontline services, campaigners are urging the
"Government to invest in jobs and growth by backing new and old industries.

"And they are calling on the Con-Dems to reverse the decline by building an economy that works for ordinary people.

"Concerned dad Andrew Simpson, from Inverness, will join the march because he’s worried about the future for his family.

Read the full story here


Wednesday 17 October 2012

#SCOct 20 UNISON calls for alternative to austerity and support for a ‘Future that Works’

Date: Wed 17 October 2012

UNISON, the public services union, today hit out at the UK Coalition Government’s determination to continue with their “dangerous and damaging” programme of austerity cuts.

Scottish Secretary Mike Kirby said that ordinary people are being asked to pay too high a price, that key public services are under attack and politicians need to be told that “enough is enough.”

He made his comments as thousands of people prepare for the STUC ‘A Future that Works’ march and rally in Glasgow on Saturday, and for sister marches in Belfast and London.

Mike urged strong support for the Scottish march, saying:
“Our members, their families and friends, know that the drastic spending cuts and attacks on benefits are hurting them and are hurting the most vulnerable people in society.

“This week we’ve seen news of massive hikes in energy bills, more big companies getting away with paying miniscule amounts of tax and an STUC report showing a 400% rise in long term youth unemployment since spring 2008.

“We can all see that the cuts are hurting, not helping, the economy, as confirmed by the International Monetary Fund’s revised figures.

“The damage is also being passed down in the Scottish Government’s budget decisions, affecting every service our members provide. We are working with community groups and other trade unions in resisting attacks on services, pay, jobs and pensions, whether from Westminster, Holyrood or individual public authorities.

“We encourage everyone who wants to stand up for our essential public services, for fair pay, against massive cuts to councils, against cuts to college funding and police staff numbers and for a properly funded NHS, fair taxation and a Living Wage to join us in Glasgow on Saturday.”

Last week UNISON and PCS urged support for the People’s Charter, a six point manifesto for a fairer society.

Mike added:
"The People’s Charter makes six simple demands. A fair economy, more and better jobs, decent homes for all, improvements to public services instead of cuts, fairness and justice for everyone - including at work - and a secure sustainable future.

"The People's Charter sits alongside campaigns like UNISON’s Public Works and the STUC’s There is A Better Way. Austerity isn’t working. Let’s tell the politicians these are the policies that will.”


Notes for Editors:
1. The STUC’s A Future That Works march and rally assembles in George Square at 11am on Saturday 20 October -
2. The People's Charter sets out six key steps for a move away from austerity to a more just, equitable society:
1. A fair economy for a fairer Britain
2. More and better jobs
3. Decent homes for all
4. Protect and improve our public services – no cuts
5. Fairness and Justice
6. Build a secure and sustainable future for all
The Charter has been endorsed by the TUC, the STUC and most major unions, many MPs and MSPs, as well as thousands of individuals.
3. The UNISON Scotland website People's Charter page is here


#StrongerTogether in @unisonscot - Lanarkshire branches launch recruitment campaign

Convener Lilian Macer and Vice Convener Stephen Smellie joined branch colleagues in Lanarkshire for a rainy launch yesterday of the Stronger Together in UNISON local bus adverts.

Send in pics and other info about your recruitment activity and we'll get them online.


Monday 15 October 2012

#StrongerTogether in @unisonscot - Adtrailer in and around Glasgow

15 Oct 2012

Our giant Adtrailer with the Stronger Together in UNISON  and Join UNISON message was out and about in Glasgow last week. Here's some pictures. Send yours in  - if Tweeting, use the hashtags #StrongerTogether and #joinUNISON .

And look out for the Adtrailer in Lanarkshire next week.


Friday 12 October 2012

#SCOct20 Dave Prentis video: Please join us on Oct 20

12 Oct 2012

Do you want a future that works?

Do you think there is a better way to run the economy than the 'austerity' cuts that are damaging vital public services and attacking the living standards of so many, particularly the most vulnerable?

We do and that's why we're marching on 20 October.

Dave Prentis, UNISON's General Secretary, says in this video that the 'A Future that Works' marches in Glasgow, London and Belfast on Oct 20 are our chance to demonstrate the feelings of ordinary people in this country - people who are really worried about their future.

He said: "This is where we make our stand. It's so important that all UNISON members, and potential members, play a big part in that demonstration.

"Come out and show what you feel about what is happening. Show the politicians of every single political persuasion that the ordinary people of this country are not on board with what is happening."

Dave added that this is the launchpad for our fightback.

"It is our people who have suffered so badly throughout this recession, showing that enough is enough and we want the politicians to change direction."

Please join us.

Assemble George Square, Glasgow 11am. Full details on STUC leaflet and website.

#SCOct20 - March in Glasgow Sat Oct 20 - bus seats & other info

12 Oct 2012

Just a week to go until the STUC Oct 20 march and rally for A Future that Works.

Have you planned your transport? There are some seats still on buses from around Scotland, including from Inverness and Aberdeen.

(*updated Aberdeen bus times info below)

UNISON Scotland will be prominent on the march, with our giant balloons and lots of flags and banners.

Convener Lilian Macer said: “Our members know that attacks on services, pay, jobs and pensions, whether from Westminster, Holyrood or individual public authorities, can and should be resisted by communities and trade unionists working and campaigning together.

“Our members will be out on October 20, as will people from the communities we serve.”

Here's UNISON Scotland's website page about the Glasgow event on Oct 20. Assemble in George Square at 11am.

There are also marches in London and Belfast .

Please tweet and Facebook reasons why you're marching and encourage everyone who supports a better way and who opposes the cuts to join the march. Use the hashtag #SCOct20

Full march details are on the STUC website.

*Aberdeen bus, updated info: UNISON Aberdeen – Coach for Unison members and families

Bus 1     – Depart Inverurie @ 6.30am
 – Pick up in Aberdeen, Skene Street behind HMT @ 7am
 – Pick up at Stonehaven Square @ 7.30am
 – Glasgow

Bus 2     – Depart Aberdeen, Skene Street behind HMT @ 7am
 – Pick up at Orchardbank Business Park near Forfar at Megabus stop @ 8.15am
 – Glasgow

Organiser For further information and to book seats contact UNISON Aberdeen on 01224 620624


Thursday 11 October 2012

Unions sign People's Charter to protect and improve public services

Thursday 11 October 2012

Two main public service unions today called on the Scottish government to fulfil the aspirations of the People's Charter - a six point manifesto to create a fairer society.

The Scottish leaders of PCS and UNISON, Mike Kirby and Lynn Henderson, are asking union members to sign an online petition committing the Scottish government to protect and improve public services - not cut them back.

Scottish Secretary of UNISON Mike Kirby said:
"UNISON is supporting the People’s Charter in Scotland as part of our work to build the case for the alternative to austerity.

"These are six simple demands which will result in a fairer society. It couldn't be easier: we want a fair economy, more and better jobs, decent homes for all, improvements to public services instead of cuts, fairness and justice for everyone - including at work - and a secure sustainable future. What's not to like about that?

"The People's Charter sits alongside campaigns like our own Public Works and the STUC’s There is A Better Way.

"In the build up to the STUC march against austerity in Glasgow on Saturday 20 October we're taking this message out to members and potential members - austerity isn’t working, the cuts are not necessary - and we want A Future That Works."

PCS Scottish Secretary Lynn Henderson said:
"PCS Scotland fully supports the People’s Charter and in this week of the Tory Party conference it particularly hits home how vital it is that we stand up for public services in the face of the cuts agenda. 

"Listening to government minister after government minister attack the poor, denigrate the public sector and slash budgets brings back memories of the 1980s and the worst of Thatcherism. 

"The Scottish people value public services and the workers who provide them.

"There is an alternative to austerity, and getting behind the People’s Charter sends a clear message that we will never accept the Tory onslaught against public services."


Notes for Editors:

1. A petition has been launched through the Scottish Parliament website urging the Scottish Government "to bring forward measures in all areas it has competency to fulfil the aspirations of the People’s Charter”".

See the People's Charter Scotland website for more information.

2. The People's Charter sets out six key steps for a move away from austerity to a more just, equitable society:

1. A fair economy for a fairer Britain
2. More and better jobs
3. Decent homes for all
4. Protect and improve our public services – no cuts
5. Fairness and Justice
6. Build a secure and sustainable future for all

The Charter has been endorsed by the TUC, the STUC and most major unions, many MPs and MSPs, as well as thousands of individuals.

3. The UNISON Scotland website People's Charter page is here

4. STUC march and rally in Glasgow on Saturday 20 October for A Future That Works


Brian Smith Glasgow UNISON on city council cutting 300 jobs

Thursday 11 October 2012
Statement by Brian Smith, Glasgow UNISON

Glasgow’s Labour councillors have voted today (11 Oct) to cut another 300 jobs from the city council.

The two opposition parties (SNP and Greens) voted to delay the jobs cuts proposal due to a “lack of justification in the present report”.

The vote was 10 - 7 at the Executive Committee for the job cuts. We understand that one of the areas that will be targeted is social work learning disability day services.

This would just hasten the reduction of this service and would come on top of the cuts already being made in this area through the implementation of personalisation.

We will continue to urge Glasgow City Councillors to use all available financial mechanisms to hold-off any further cuts, while building a campaign to win back the money stolen from the city.

The trade unions will support any council politician or political group who says "No More".

We hoped that today enough of them had maybe reached their own personal political “line in the sand”.

The trade unions will continue to argue the case for a united campaign in the city to win more money from the Scottish and UK Governments.

Brian Smith
posted on Defend Glasgow's Services Facebook
Thursday 11 October 2012


Wednesday 10 October 2012

#SCOct20 UNISON: Cameron offers no hope for millions struggling to find jobs

10 Oct 2012

Cameron blames everyone but his own party

Commenting on David Cameron’s speech to the Conservative Party Conference today, Dave Prentis General Secretary of UNISON, said:

“David Cameron’s speech was full of typical Tory knockabout rhetoric – but sadly not as amusing as his nemesis Boris Johnson. He blamed everyone but himself and the failed Tory no-hope austerity agenda that is dragging this country down.

“His speech may get applause in the Birmingham Tory bubble but back in the real world he had no vision, no hope for the millions of people struggling to find jobs where there are none. His claims of job creation by the private sector are over-inflated by jobs transferred out of public services.

“And his claims that new businesses are springing up across the country simply ignore the shattered dreams and hopes of those forced to shut up shop or make staff redundant. With so many jobs under threat people have no confidence to go out and spend.”

UNISON UK website story here.

The speech is one more reason to march in Glasgow for the STUC A Future that Works event
Sat Oct 20 #SCOct20


#StrongerTogether #joinUNISON - here's the Adtrailer at Inverclyde Royal

Keep sending in your pictures!


Tuesday 9 October 2012

#StrongerTogether in UNISON - Here's the bus ad

Let us know if you see the buses out and about.


#StrongerTogether in UNISON - spotted our Adtrailer in Glasgow?

9 October 2012

UNISON's Adtrailer is in Glasgow this week. Have you spotted it? Or any of our bus, bus shelter and phone box advertising?

The ads are backing up our recruitment campaign Stronger Together in UNISON.

Send us pictures if you see the ads out there? And help us encourage people to #joinUNISON and to march in Glasgow on Sat 20 October. #SCOct20.

Recruitment activity is taking place across Scotland. Here's a  couple of pictures from our event at Scottish Water in Glasgow yesterday.