Saturday, 23 April 2016

#BOTW16 UNISON Scotland training weekend under way

Convener Lilian Macer visits a Welfare Officer session at UNISON Scotland's annual new branch officer training weekend in Glasgow.

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Right to choose is a class issue

#STUC16 The last business in a rushed afternoon was the emergency motion on abortion. Because of the time restriction, UNISON’s Davena Rankin limited her speech to just one aspect of the motion. Here we print her short but powerful speech in full.

“The 1967 Abortion Act was never applied to Northern Ireland – something we must fight to change.

STUC backs progressive movements in South America

#STUC16 The STUC sent out a clear message today that we should be backing democratically elected governments in South America against a ‘corporate-wealth’ right wing backlash.

Moving UNISON’s emergency motion, Sam Macartney told delegates: “Over the last couple of decades we have seen huge advances for working people in South America.

STUC congratulates Glasgow CCTV staff on new deal

#STUC16 The STUC Congress sent congratulations today to Glasgow CCTV UNISON members who have won a deal bringing up to a 24% pay rise, after twelve days of strike action over six weeks.

The 19 members of UNISON are employed by Community Safety Glasgow, an ALEO of Glasgow City Council, and were taking strike action over the employer’s failure to pay shift allowances. The dispute was about fairness and pay equality.

Prevent strategy is counter-productive and risks alienating communities

#STUC16 The STUC will continue to oppose the “Prevent” strategy amidst concerns that it could criminalise Muslim communities and has called on the Scottish Parliament to ensure that it doesn’t divide our communities as it is implemented in Scotland.

Delegates heard that it will force workers in the health service, the prison service, local authorities, school , further and higher education and elsewhere to act as “snoopers” to report signs of radicalisation, which is very narrowly defined.

STUC to back Palestinian students

#STUC16 The STUC will seek talks with Scottish Universities Support Palestinian Students (SUSPS) with a view to giving active support to a revised initiative and encourage unions to back the project financially and in any other ways possible.

The Edinburgh TUC motion reminded delegates that last year’s Congress in Ayr gave a generous welcome to the first recipient of a SUSPS award who is from Gaza.

Colombia needs our solidarity! 7.30 21 April Edinburgh

7.30 pm Thursday 21 April White Horse bar, 266 Canongate, Edinburgh EH8 8AA with Lilian Macer, Convenor of UNISON Scottish Council reporting on her visit to the country and her meetings with trade unionists, human rights activists, politicians and the mothers of young victims of extrajudicial killings by the army. She will also report on the peace process between the Colombian government and the FARC guerillas.

Organised by Scottish Venezuela Solidarity Campaign with the support of City of Edinburgh UNISON more information from

Time for inclusive education and an end to homophobia in schools

#STUC16 The STUC backed the TIE (Time for Inclusive Education) campaign which is committed to inclusive education which aims to tackle homophobia and create a safer learning environment for all regardless of sexual orientation, gender or identity.

UNISON Scotland has already donated £1000 such is the importance we attach to this campaign, and UNISON’s Willie Docherty spoke in support.

Campaign for total opposition to ‘dodgy trade deals’

#STUC2016 UNISON’s Pat Rowland urged delegates to get involved in the campaign against ‘dodgy trade deals’ like TTIP that could stop governments bringing privatised services back in-house.

And she called on trade unionists to join the Scotland Against TTIP coalition day of action on Saturday 23 April at the Buchanan Street steps in Glasgow.

The STUC backed a UNISON motion to campaign for total opposition to TTIP (Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership) in the Scottish and UK Parliaments and the European Parliament.

STUC emergency motion backs #Justice4Jannies

#STUC16 The STUC gave unanimous backing to an emergency motion supporting the Glasgow UNISON #Justice4Jannies campaign as they began their three-day strike for parity of conditions with other like-workers.

The jannies packed the gallery as delegates stood to applaud them. The full text of the motion is…

STUC renews call to drop Trident replacement

#STUC16 The STUC has renewed its call for Trident replacement to be abandoned and will revisit setting up Trade Union CND, focussing on job diversification for workers employed on Trident.

It rejected a GMB motion calling for Trident replacement as the ‘only game in town’ to defend jobs.

In a rousing speech, supporting a Clydebank TUC motion, UNISON’s Jane Carolan told delegates: “UNISON has a proud record of defending quality employment, defending high paid skilled jobs.

TUC: Campaign together to fight for our people

#STUC16 TUC president Liz Snape called for the STUC and TUC to continue to work together ‘to protect our future and fight for our people’ as she addressed Congress this morning.

Liz, who is also a UNISON depute general secretary, said: “Congress, be in no doubt our fortunes and our future will rise or fall as one. And it falls to us – to our generation – to protect our future and fight for our people.”

“So keep strong, keep campaigning and keep fighting. That’s how we win. Together!”

Fighting for a fair and social Europe

#STUC16 The STUC is to launch a campaign promoting the employment rights the EU has delivered for working people and will oppose attempts to ‘water down the benefits of a Social Europe.’

It also rejected calls to campaign to leave the EU.

Backing the USDAW motion, UNISON NEC member Gordon McKay explained why the union’s leadership had decided to campaign in the referendum to stay in the EU while also fighting for reform to create a fair and social Europe.

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Cuts to Further Education must be reversed

#STUC16 The STUC will campaign for the new Scottish Government to provide colleges with sufficient funding to return to meeting the full range of educational needs in their local communities.

It will also call for the protection of, or improvement in, the terms and conditions of college staff.

UNISON’s James Corry, backing the Fife TUC motion, asked Congress to celebrate the recent lecturers’ victory.

Let’s give disabled young people the chance they deserve

#STUC16 Disabled young people are massively under-represented in apprenticeships and Congress delegates backed a wide-ranging campaign to address the difficulties they face, to support their educational attainment and to make sure more can access apprenticeships.

Supporting the motion UNISON’s Morag Houston told delegates that times are hard for all our young people – but they are doubly hard for disabled young people.

GIRFEC must not become a tick box exercise – our children deserve better

#STUC16 The STUC condemned cuts to education which so often follow on from council cuts, especially attacks on support staff numbers which damage the learning experiences of our most vulnerable young people and called for action to protect education funding.

Supporting the SSTA motion, UNISON’s Susan Kennedy pointed out that the Scottish Government continues with their commitment to providing ‘free extended childcare’ , free school lunches for vulnerable twos up to Primary 3s and now calling for P6 testing, and asked, “Where is the funding coming from?

Cuts to emergency services put staff and communities at risk

#STUC16 The STUC will press the Scottish Government to adequately fund the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service and to properly staff their control rooms, currently being cut from eight to three.

UNISON Police Staff’s George McIrvine spoke in support of the FBU motions and drew parallels with the move to a single police force in Scotland.

No more excuses – time to address Scotland’s housing crisis

#STUC16 The STUC will press the incoming Scottish Government to back Shelter Scotland’s campaign for a radical programme to build more affordable and social rent homes. It will also campaign for such a building programme to create directly employed construction jobs and apprenticeships.

Supporting, UNISON’s Mark Ferguson told delegates that it is a national scandal that estimates show there are over 150,000 applications on housing waiting lists in Scotland – 30% higher than 2004.

Public private finance – secret and eye-wateringly expensive

#STUC16 The STUC will call for an independent enquiry into PFI/PPP funding models for public sector building work, as well as into the Edinburgh schools contracts which has led to such disruption for pupils, families and staff.

Seconding an emergency motion from the EIS, UNISON’s Susan Kennedy told delegates that the issues raised around PPP by what has happened in Edinburgh go well beyond a single project and call into question the whole funding model as it has been used from its inception to the present and plans to continue using it in the future.

STUC health and safety award for UNISON’s Scott Donohoe

#STUC16 Scott Donohoe, UNISON Scotland health and safety chair, has been presented with this year’s STUC Frank Maguire Award for Health and Safety.

Scott has been health and safety officer for Glasgow City UNISON for 14 years and is seconded from his employer, Glasgow City Council and is passionate about health and safety, an interest that has seen him play a leading role in his union’s work on health and safety as well participating in the Hazards movement in Scotland, the United Kingdom and Europe in his own time.

Young workers worth ‘better than zero’

#STUC16 Young members were joined by other STUC delegates and TUC president Liz Snape in demonstrating for ‘Better than Zero’ workers' conditions outside Café Nero in Dundee this morning.

Like some other businesses, Café Nero have made staff pay for the discriminatory so-called national living wage by a penny-pinching claw back of  conditions like paid breaks and snacks. Under 25s don’t qualify for the £7.20 living wage and end up doing the same job for much less than the colleague next to them.

We need politicians to be bold in opposing austerity

#STUC16 The STUC has backed a UNISON and GMB 10 point plan for decent public services which are key to ‘reducing poverty and economic inequality.’

UNISON’s Stephen Smellie told delegates there was a broad political consensus in Scotland against austerity but words were not enough.

“We must insist that Scottish politicians can’t hide behind the ‘it’s all the fault of the Tories and we can’t do anything about it’ line. That was never good enough when the Scottish parliament had few powers to tackle austerity. It is even less acceptable now that the parliament has significant powers that it can choose to use.

Procurement at the heart of strong manufacturing sector

#STUC16 UNISON’s Carol Ball threw the spotlight on procurement as Congress set out an ambitious plan to end the stagnation of manufacturing in Scotland through a long-term industrial strategy.

Joining the criticisms of the Scottish Government’s ‘A Manufacturing Future for Scotland’ plan, Carol told delegates that this really is a missed opportunity for a much needed comprehensive manufacturing strategy.

Monday, 18 April 2016

Time to make equal pay a reality for women

#STUC16 The STUC is calling for equal pay to be a manifesto commitment for all parties ahead of the Scottish election and for the establishment of an “Equal Pay Employer Scheme” to provide accreditation for equal pay employers. See all reports on the website

Supporting the University and College Union motion, UNISON’s Davena Rankin, who is also the Chair of the STUC Women’s Committee, told delegates that the pay gap is still very much alive today despite the 1970 Equal Pay Act.

Workers of all ages deserve a real living wage

#STUC16 STUC Congress slammed the UK Government’s “so-called” national living wage and pledged to press for a real Living Wage for all workers, including those under 25. See all reports on the website

UNISON’s Helen Duddy, supporting the motion slammed the current situation which means that those aged 16-25, who are doing the exact same job and hours as their fellow co-workers, can be paid less by as much as £3.50 per hour. “How can this be acceptable?” asked Helen.

Zero hours contracts and casualisation – bad for workers, services and the economy

#STUC16 The STUC will press the Scottish Government to work with trade unions to tackle the rise in zero hours contracts and casualised labour which undermine workers’ rights and their ability to organise. See all reports on the website

UNISON young member, Bernadette Lafferty brought a young workers’ perspective to the debate, telling delegates that she herself had personal experience of working a job that had no defined hours and was paid the minimum wage.

Mental health support: Not rocket science, it’s medical science

#stuc16 The STUC has condemned the ‘climate of fear’ in workplaces, which discourages workers from disclosing mental health issues or seeking reasonable adjustments at work. See all reports on the website

“We need better provision to tackle mental health problems in the workplace”, said John Nisbet, secretary of UNISON Scotland’s Disabled Members’ Committee, backing the STUC Disabled Members’ Conference motion.

Violence at work is unacceptable and must be tackled

#STUC16 No worker should accept violence as part of their job. Whether they work in schools, colleges or other public and public facing services, staff should be able to work without fear of threat, abuse or intimidation. See all STUC reports on the website.

That was the clear message from delegates to the STUC as they backed a NASUWT call for proper resources from the Scottish Government to tackle the problem.

Climate Day – Trade Unions line up for a low carbon Scotland

#stuc16 Trade unionists line up for a 'just transition' on Climate Day at the UNISON Scotland and Stop Climate Chaos Scotland Fringe Meeting at the STUC Congress in Dundee today. See also the SCCS Holyrood Election Online Debate, 7-8.30pm tonight. It will see the five political parties represented in the current Scottish Parliament questioned on their climate policies and plans for the next five years.

STUC backs UNISON’s call for Fair Work, Equalities and Human Rights

#STUC2016 UNISON Scotland convener Lilian Macer won STUC Congress support for UNISON’s call for a campaign against the repeal of the Human Rights Act. See all STUC reports here

The motion condemned the UK Government for its many direct and indirect attacks on human rights, including the Trade Union Bill, the proposed repeal of the Human Rights Act and its failure to implement its equality and human rights obligations under EU and UN equality and human rights instruments.

Defending rights won by sacrifice and hardship

#STUC2016 UNISON’s Rakiya Suleiman has called on trade unions to unite in fighting the Anti-Union Bill and defend rights won over decades, ‘involving sacrifices and hardships that we find difficult to imagine.’
See all STUC reports on the website

She said: “Our movement did not arise out of a spirit of benevolence and partnership on the part of employers. The rights we have were won over decades, and involving sacrifices and hardships that we find difficult to imagine.

Trade unions call for a low carbon Scotland

NOTE TO PICTURE DESKS: Photocall 12.30pm Monday. Details below.

Embargo: 00:01 Monday 18 April
Trade unions call for a low carbon Scotland

Trade unions are today (Monday 18 April) calling for strong action on climate change, with policies to support workers affected in the switch to a low carbon economy.

On ‘Climate Day’, ahead of a Holyrood election online debate, trade unions say there must be a ‘Just Transition’, ensuring support for workers whose jobs are phased out as Scotland goes low carbon.

Speakers from the STUC, PCS and UNISON will call at a lunchtime fringe meeting at the Scottish TUC’s Annual Congress for this fair switch to a low carbon economy. The meeting is organised by UNISON and Stop Climate Chaos Scotland.

UNISON Depute Convener Stephen Smellie said: “Climate change is a key issue for trade unions as the world seeks to stop the planet heating above looming dangerous limits.

“We urgently need policies in place to limit global warming to 2 degrees Celcius, preferably 1.5 degrees, in order to halt catastrophic climate change.”  

A motion for debate at the Congress in Dundee this afternoon (Monday) notes that the deal agreed by world leaders in Paris in December did not include sufficient enforceable policy actions by governments to achieve this.

Stephen Boyd, STUC Assistant Secretary, said: “Addressing climate change can deliver significant economic, social and environmental benefits to Scotland.

“Planning for a just transition means we involve all parts of society, sharing these benefits and supporting those whose jobs are affected, with education, training, skills and workforce development also crucial to delivering effective action.”

Cheryl Gedling, Acting-Vice President of PCS, said: “Our union was part of the official UK trade union delegation to the Paris climate talks, lobbying for support for a just transition and we supported the massive climate, justice and jobs marches in London and Edinburgh in December.

“Through initiatives such as the one million climate jobs campaign backed by PCS, it shows we can both cut carbon emissions and create jobs by investing in renewable energy, such as building wind turbines, in retrofitting homes to make them more energy efficient, and running an integrated transport network on clean fuel.”

Stop Climate Chaos Scotland Board Member Mike Robinson said: “Tonight’s Climate Day election online debate will see the five political parties represented in the current Scottish Parliament questioned on their climate policies and plans for the next five years.

“The Paris agreement reinforced the fact that a safe, affordable future demands a more urgent and concerted effort to make homes warmer, transport greener and heat and electricity production renewable. And we need all politicians to be more accountable for the long term impact of decisions affecting all our lives.”

Notes to Editors and Picture Editors

Photocall: A number of trade union leaders, including the above speakers, will attend for a photocall at 12.30pm, meeting in Conference Room 2, City Chambers (also described as Conf Room 2, Caird Hall if any confusion), Dundee on Monday 18 April. 

The fringe meeting is organised by UNISON Scotland and Stop Climate Chaos Scotland. Details are here 
Climate change and trade union action: Motion 11 to be debated at STUC Congress  on Monday afternoon. Copied below for information. 
Stop Climate Chaos Scotland will host an online election debate from 7-8.30pm on Climate Day (Monday 18th April) with the five parties currently represented at Holyrood. . The debate will be livestreamed and will be hosted by journalist David Torrance.   

11. Climate Change and Trade Union Action

“That this Congress notes the agreement at the COP21 summit in Paris
in December that the world must take steps to limit global warming to 2
degrees and preferably 1.5 degrees above pre-industrial levels, in order
to halt catastrophic climate change. However, we also note the failure of
the summit to agree enforceable actions on governments to ensure this
is achieved.
“Congress notes the successes in Scotland in setting ambitious carbon
reduction targets, the wide consensus amongst most political parties for
action, as well as the broad based civic campaigns bringing together
environmentalist, faith, community, student and trade union groups in
support of this. However, we recognise that more needs to be done to
achieve the targets.
“Congress commends the Stop Climate Chaos Scotland manifesto
‘Securing a low carbon Scotland for 2020 and beyond’. In particular, we
support the demands for a Warm Homes Act and for investment in
infrastructure to be directed towards a low carbon economy.
“Congress calls on the Scottish Government to draw up a transition plan
that will ensure climate justice for those workers in the carbon industries
whose jobs will be phased out in a transition to a low carbon economy.”
Mover: South Lanarkshire & East Kilbride TUC


Friday, 15 April 2016

April Scotland in UNISON now online

Ten ways to strengthen Scotland’s services: Manifesto for the Scottish election

‘We want to see a Parliament using the powers at its disposal in order to enhance our public services to create a fairer and sustainable Scotland,’ Mike Kirby, Scottish Secretary and Lilian Macer, Scottish Convener;
– Full rundown on UNISON Scotland’s manifesto,
– Defend the principles that underlie public services,
– UNISON wins landmark pay deal for low paid NHS workers
– Scotland must recognise the poor state of social work
– Events around Scotland for Workers’ Memorial Day
– MayDay: Marches, rallies and a Glasgow festival
– Framework sets out vision for fair work in Scotland
– Showing racism the red card
– Getting UNISON’s message across in the media
– Did you know there’s a Disabled Members Committee in Scotland?
– Highland action against Anti-Union Bill
– Be Aware mental health campaign
and much more - click here to see on website - click here for a pdf

Monday, 11 April 2016

Tackle fuel poverty scandal and help fight climate change, says UNISON

Tackling Scotland’s “disgraceful” fuel poverty scandal must be a top priority and will help fight climate change, UNISON said today.

New figures from the Existing Homes Alliance show that 62% of Scottish homes are “unhealthily cold”. The public services union works with the EHA, Energy Action Scotland, Stop Climate Chaos Scotland and others in calling for a Warm Homes Act.

UNISON’s 2016 manifesto ‘Public services and a sustainable Scotland’ says that climate change is one of the biggest challenges we face, with action on energy efficiency, active travel and green workplaces crucial to helping meet climate targets.

Depute Convener Stephen Smellie said: “The lack of energy efficiency in Scotland’s housing stock is a social and environmental scandal. It adds massively to our carbon emissions and is a major cause of fuel poverty, which is at disgraceful levels.

“We want to see a Warm Homes Act, with the energy efficiency of Scotland’s homes designated as a National Infrastructure Project. It would help cut fuel poverty, boost GDP, sustain local jobs, improve health and wellbeing, reducing NHS spending, as well as improve energy security and deliver substantial emissions reductions.

“UNISON also wants to see a meaningful shift from car use, including through a more integrated public transport system, with green travel to work plans as part of strong green workplace action, with employers recognising trade union environment representatives.”

The manifesto calls for a ‘Just Transition’ to the low carbon economy necessary to meet Scotland’s climate targets and an expansion of public and community owned electricity generation.

UNISON says that public procurement has a major role in driving up standards, including the provision of fresh, healthy, local, sustainable food in schools and hospitals. Pubic bodies have important duties under the Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009 and these policies will help them comply with their duties.


Notes for Editors

UNISON Scotland’s ‘Public services and a sustainable Scotland’ manifesto is available at

UNISON Scotland is a key part of Stop Climate Chaos Scotland and we endorse the recommendations in the SCCS manifesto ‘Securing A Low Carbon Scotland’

Stop Climate Chaos Scotland will host an online election debate on Climate Day (Monday 18th April) with the five parties currently represented at Holyrood. The debate will be livestreamed and will be hosted by journalist David Torrance. 

UNISON Scotland and SCCS are jointly holding a fringe meeting at the STUC Congress in Dundee at 12.30pm on Monday 18 April. ‘Trade unions call for a low carbon Scotland’

Friday, 8 April 2016

Live reports from delegation to Palestine - please support the boycott policy

Fifth and last report from a delegation to Palestine and Israel by Sam Macartney, UNISON Scotland International Chair: Day 5: Went to Hebron and was not surprised by the number of Israeli solders surrounding this city.

A few hundred Israeli settlers have live in Hebron since 1982. There have always been some issues but this has increased dramatically over the last 20 years. Ever since Israel's settler building program has taken off, there has been many Palestinians murdered since the late 90's including a young 17 year old woman shot and left to die in February this year in front of a mosque.

It took two hours to get an ambulance. Israeli soldiers pulled her body behind a wall so the public wouldn't be upset.

Life for a Palestinian in Hebron is hard an cruel. There are now 400 hundred settlers protected by 3,000 Israeli soldiers. They must feel very safe.

If you feel I'm being tough on Israel and how its ethnic policies are impacting on Palestinians please come to Hebron.

Thanks for listening to my reports and please support the boycott policy because the Palestinian people deserve to live in their own country without fear and oppression.

Live reports from delegation to Palestine - illegal settlements, demolition and displacement

Fourth report from a delegation to Palestine and Israel by Sam Macartney, UNISON Scotland International Chair: Day 4 Jerusalem: Two scheduled meetings for today and a chance to see the illegal settlements which the Israeli government are helping to build and saying their not.

Furniture tossed on the street
UN you need to see a good optician. Illegal settlements spring up in East Jerusalem at a rapid pace. But these are not settlements. These are massive housing schemes with wall to wall shopping malls, schools and facilities which cover miles of stolen territory, while the Palestinians are forced to live in slum like conditions with no facilities and without proper construction guidelines.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Live reports from delegation to Palestine - unions, working conditions and learning

Third report from a delegation to Palestine and Israel by Sam Macartney, UNISON Scotland International Chair: Early start this morning to beat the traffic and the check points, yes there is wall to wall check points - makes a few people feel safe but many others living under occupation.

Sam Macartney at the
Yasser Arafat memorial
Reached Ramallah, and it felt good to be in a Palestinian city were people could smile a little, Our first meeting of the day was with DWRC (democracy and workers rights centre) who advised us of their continued fight to achieve right and safe working conditions for workers and families in Ramallah.

This group, with ties to some trade unions, assists many groups in the city and continues to help children who are forced into work even at the age of 12 to 14 years old. These children need help and support with employers who care nothing for age and exploit them daily.

Violence and harassment are common place with 12% of children spoken to stating they have been subjected to ill-treatment. Israeli employers seem indifferent to child protection laws.

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Live reports from delegation to Palestine - UN and Kavla Oved

Second report from a delegation to Palestine and Israel by Sam Macartney, UNISON Scotland International Chair:  Day 3: Met with the UN representative this morning, (Rodger Dalton) also at the meeting was Lord Warner Labour peer, and two forgettable Tory MPs. They were getting to travel to Gaza while groups with a real interest an agenda are barerd.

Meeting with Kavla Oved workers' rights group
The meeting again confirmed the lack of interest by the majority of the UN nations, still no building material aloud to enter Gaza. The Israeli government have stated that building material can be used for terrorism. Meanwhile people live in tents. Some tents where supplied by UN countries who have no intention to ask for compensation from Israel for destroying them.

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Act now! Still places on branch officer courses 22-24 April

There are still places on the courses for new branch officers being held in Glasgow from Friday 22 to Sunday 24 April.

The courses are aimed at newly elected officers or those who want to understand more about a particular role.

It may also be useful for those who have not done training for a while as most of the material has been revised and updated and they can share their experience with those who are new.

All the courses offer the opportunity to look at roles, responsibilities and best organisational practice for their appropriate post.

This is a great opportunity to get updated training but also to meet and network with UNISON activists across Scotland.

For more details see the course programmes at To apply

If you are interested in attending any of these courses please arrange for the booking form to be completed via your branch and then forward to or post to Activist Education (Scotland), UNISON, 53 Shore Street, Inverness, IV1 1NF as soon as possible:

Live reports from UNISON delegation to Palestine

Sam Macartney, UNISON Scotland International Chair, reports from a delegation to Palestine and Israel: Day one arrived Tel Aviv. As expected I was pulled in by Israeli security, thankfully only questioned for 20 minutes then released. It seems my reputation precedes me!

Another Israeli checkpoint, Jerusalem
On the drive to Jerusalem Noel our driver pointed out the security the Palestine workers and people must face day in day out. Horrendous can't explain what this is like. The harassment and humiliation these people face is beyond words!

There are now walls around all Palestinian settlements with signs stating Jews must be aware that this area is dangerous. For them! So much for shared futures and villages, these truly are divisive structures.

Monday, 4 April 2016

Climate film reminder, 8 April, Glasgow - & @sccscot job opportunity

UNISON and Global Justice Now are holding a free community screening this Friday of the climate film This Changes Everything

Join us from 5.30pm for the 6pm prompt screening on Friday 8 April at UNISON Scotland, 14 West Campbell Street, Glasgow G2 6RX. All welcome. Hosted by our International Committee and Green Network, working with Global Justice Now.

Inspired by the Naomi Klein bestselling book of the same name, the film This Changes Everything asks: "What if confronting the climate crisis is the best chance we’ll ever get to build a better world?”

There will be a short discussion afterwards, finishing at 8pm. Soft drinks and popcorn too!

Meanwhile, Stop Climate Chaos Scotland is advertising for a Campaign Manager (Maternity Cover). Full details on their website 

UNISON is a member of SCCS and supports their Climate Day #AskClimateQ Holyrood election online evening debate on 18 April. We are also holding a joint fringe at the STUC Congress in Dundee that lunchtime.

The next meeting of the Green Network is on Saturday 21 May at 11am in the UNISON Scotland office in Glasgow. All members welcome. Full details nearer the time here

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Courses coming up in May

There is still availability in some UNISON courses coming up – ERA Refresher, Organising Stewards, Mental Health at Work and Writing and Editing Skills. If you are interested, see more here and contact your branch to apply.

ERA Refresher – Glasgow (residential) – 6 – 8 May 2016
This course is for any stewards/branch officers who have not undertaken any training in the last 5 years. It is not suitable for new and inexperienced reps. It updates participants on new developments in UNISON and relevant legal updates. Participants will reflect on their role as trade union activists and update their knowledge and skills on organising and representation.

Friday, 1 April 2016

UNISON Scotland jobs: Caseworker South Lanarkshire Branch – closing date 28 April 2016

UNISON Grade 5 starting at £34,864
35 hours a week to be worked flexibly

Applications are invited for a post of Caseworker to work with Branch Officers and stewards providing a representation service to members of the UNISON branch.

UNISON South Lanarkshire has 6000 members working in the local council, Leisure and Culture Trust, further education and the community, voluntary and private sector. We have an active group of shop stewards and experienced branch officers.

The successful applicant will have a commitment to the trade union movement, have experience of representing union members and be able to travel.

The post will be based in the branch office in Hamilton. The post will initially be for 2 years.

For an application form and job profile contact:-

Branch Secretary,
UNISON South Lanarkshire,
21 Beckford Street,
Hamilton, ML3 7YH
Tel. 01698 454690

Closing date for applications 28 April 2016.