Tuesday 11 September 2018

New Video: Stephen Smellie on #GreenUNISON Day 13 Sept

Deputy Convener, Stephen Smellie talks in this short video about the importance of #GreenUNISON Day branch action on #climatechange & green workplaces, saying that we can all pull together to help stop global warming.
Every day there's more news about the urgent need for action at all levels - local, national and international - to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, with this warning from the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres highlighting the reality of the dangers of runaway climate change.
UNISON is working with Stop Climate Chaos Scotland and the Just Transition Partnership to lobby MSPs to strengthen the new Climate Change Bill. You can email your MSPs here or join the lobby on Wed 19 Sept by booking a place here.
Many thanks to branches who have already sent in their completed short audits and survey forms. If you've not yet, please do so and share any activities you have for Green UNISON Day on social media so others can help spread the word.

Stephen tells us in the video about his Green Workplace Pledge. Check the #GreenUNISON hashtag for examples of other pledges. You can make your own and share on Facebook and Twitter, with a selfie or a branch photo.
Green Workplace Pledge forms and other info here www.unison-scotland.org/green-unison-day-thurs-13-sept/  

Reminder: Next meeting of the Green Network, open to all members, is at 12.45pm, earlier than originally advertised, on Saturday 15 Sept in the UNISON Scotland office at 14 West Campbell Street, Glasgow G2 6RX, following the International Committee meeting.