Friday, 23 January 2009

170 jobs to go in Stirling as budget overspend looms

Date: 23 January 2009

UNISON, the union representing Stirling's council workers today condemned Stirling Council for issuing a notice that they intend to make 170 council workers redundant in order to avoid a threatened overspend.

James Douglas, UNISON Stirling Branch Secretary said: "Without any consultation and without any attempt to discuss alternative methods of saving money, the council has sent us notification that up to 170 jobs are to be made redundant. This is the first real information that we have had and has come as a huge shock.

"This will spark anger amongst the workforce, particularly as the SNP administration previously said that they wanted to work with the Unions to make efficiency savings. Obviously this promise has been torn up very quickly.

"These redundancies will impact on a wide range of staff including low paid clerical staff. While we only have the basic figures, and have no idea yet where these jobs are to be cut, it is clear that this number of jobs will not be lost without the loss of services."

UNISON are also angry that the council has been using a firm of consultants - KPMG - to come up with these redundancies at a cost of up to £1m.

Mr Douglas said "The contract that KPMG are working under, means that the more savings they make the more money they make. It is also interesting that - though their own company is in trouble - they aren't making their own staff redundant , recognising that redundancy can be seen as a quick fix, but can lead to problems in the long term."

UNISON will be seeking an early meeting with the Council to put its view on the proposed job losses. Once they have more detailed information on the redundancies they will be consulting with the workforce.
"Industrial action cannot be ruled out." Said Mr Douglas.


For Further Information Please Contact: James Douglas - Stirling Branch Secretary - 01786 44 3440(t) 07826903559(m) John Fair - Regional Organiser - 07958 122 409 (m)

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