Sunday, 10 May 2009

Glasgow's pay freeze call 'ill-informed or malicious' - UNISON

Sunday May 10 2009

The main union representing Scotland's public service staff today condemned comments by Glasgow City treasurer, Cllr Gordon Matheson on today's BBC Politics Show as 'either ill-informed, or malicious'.

Cllr Mathieson appeared to call for a public sector pay freeze in the current year on the programme, apparently unaware that his Scottish council colleagues had agreed a number of pay deals covering his own staff, including police and teaching staff.

Matt Smith, Scottish Secretary of UNISON, the largest public service union said:
"Councillor Matheson is either woefully ill-informed, or is malicious enough to suggest reneging on agreements his representatives have already signed. All local government staff including teachers, police and chief officials are in the middle of multi-year deals - deals that the employers insisted on. Other public service staff - like healthcare workers also have agreed multi-year deals that Labour Government Minister Alan Johnson MP has publicly guaranteed."

Matt Smith also condemned the call for a pay freeze:
"To cut staff pay in a recession simply further deepens that recession, as fewer people have less money to purchase goods and services. Is Councillor Mathieson seriously suggesting he wants to further depress demand in Glasgow and the rest of Scotland?"


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