Tuesday, 2 June 2009

SCCS Welcomes Important Climate Change Bill Amendments

2 June 2009 For Immediate Release

The Scottish Parliament Transport Infrastructure and Climate Change Committee resumed today (Tuesday) to continue its discussions on Stage 2 of the Scottish Climate Change Bill.

Reacting to the Committee’s decision to approve Labour MSP Cathy Peattie’s amendment on climate change duty for public bodies:
Mike Robinson, Chair of Stop Climate Chaos Scotland, said:

"SCCS is very pleased that the Labour, Liberal Democrat and Green members voted in favour of Cathy Peattie’s amendments. The duty will mean that all public bodies in Scotland will have to take action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We believe this is an extremely important step in ensuring the public sector leads by example. With a strong 2020 target, this Bill can show real vision, but all the parties need to play a role."

On the amendment tabled by the SNP’s Shirley-Anne Sommerville on consumption reporting which was also approved:
Dr Richard Dixon, Director of WWF Scotland said:

"This is a very important measure. We don’t make steel in Scotland any more but we certainly still use it in products ranging from cars and washing machines to steel beams for buildings. All the emissions from making that steel for us are now counted as some other country's problem. Including annual reporting on consumption means we will be able to see what emissions we are causing around the world by buying goods and services from overseas.

"This will help us to cut our climate footprint at home and abroad, as well as persuading politicians to make our own industries greener rather than exporting both emissions and jobs overseas."


Notes to editors:
[1] Stop Climate Chaos Scotland (SCCS) is a diverse, growing coalition of organisations campaigning on climate change. The SCCS Coalition has 60 Scottish members, representing more than 2 million supporters, ranging from environment and development groups to faith organisations, trade unions, student societies, care providers and many more. For full details visit www.stopclimatechaos.org/scotland
[2] In December world leaders will gather in Copenhagen to agree a new international climate deal that will come into force when the first phase of the Kyoto treaty expires in 2012.
[3] SCCS will be helping organise a Climate Change march in Glasgow on 5th December.

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