Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Glasgow council worker elected senior vice president of UNISON

Angela Lynes

Date: Wed 8 July 2009

Angela Lynes, a 40-year-old administrative officer living in Ayrshire and working for Glasgow City Council, has been elected senior vice-president of UNISON, the UK's largest public sector trade union.

She is the union's second youngest senior vice president, and will hold the position for the coming year.

Angela was elected to the NEC, the union's governing body, in Jan 2001, and has chaired the union's Industrial Action Committee for the last eight years. She is also on the staffing committee and vice chair of the international committee.

Angela is particularly proud of UNISON's strong record of international work.

After leaving school, Angela chose to work in the local government because of her belief in the importance of public services in creating a fairer, more equal society. She has worked as an admin. officer and PA in Glasgow City Council ever since.

Commenting on her goals as senior-vice president, Angela said:
"I will be continuing to work on the issues which affect all of our members whether they live in Scotland, England, Ireland or Wales. I know there are many devolved issues, but we share important common goals and they keep us stronger united.

"I am also keen to promote our young members. At 32 I was UNISON's youngest NEC member and hope my election shows that our young members can progress through our union".

Angela lives with her husband John and two children, Jack, 13, and Rachel, 12 in Ayrshire. She was born in Glasgow.


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