Friday, 14 May 2010

Glasgow culture and leisure staff step up action

Date: Fri 14 May 2010

Two further days of strike action are planned this month at Culture and Sport Glasgow as staff step up their pay dispute.

Staff will also begin an overtime ban from the 21st of May.

Culture and Sport Glasgow (CSG) The arms length company set up by Glasgow City Council intend to cut the pay of some staff and institute a pay freeze for the rest. There are also cuts planned in Public holidays and overtime rates.

In a message to CSG UNISON members Glasgow City Branch Secretary Brian Smith said:

“All the trade unions in CSG are united in their opposition to these attacks on their members pay and conditions. We have tried to negotiate with CSG, but we have been left with no option other than to use strike action in an effort to defend ourselves.

Our members provide culture and sport services across Glasgow and we take no pleasure in the wide disruption that strike action will cause.

CSG was established at “arms length” from Glasgow City Council to obtain a tax advantage, to draw in private money and grants from charitable trusts. It has failed to live up to the promise.

Staff at Culture and Sport Glasgow, many of them low paid, should not have to pay for the failures of CSG and Glasgow City Council. And working people in general should not be asked to pay for the bail out of the banks and the mistakes of bankers. It is important that all trade unionists and working people stand together at this time.

Ultimately the standard of service which the public will receive in their libraries, sports centres and community centres will be affected if workers wages and conditions are cut.”


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