Friday, 26 November 2010

MSPs Failing to protect workers from violence says UNISON

UNISON Scotland today responded angrily to the announcement by the Economy, Energy and Tourism Committee (EET) that they will recommend to the Parliament that the general principles of the Protection of Workers Bill are not agreed to.

UNISON Scottish Organiser Dave Watson said:
“The nearly 30,000 public service workers subjected to recorded violent incidents last year will today feel badly let down by the majority of MSPs on the committee who reached this decision. They will be joined by many thousands of other workers subjected to violence in the workplace who need Parliament to take action to protect them.”

“UNISON has always accepted that legislation is only part of the solution. But to argue that the current criminal law is adequate, when the prosecution authorities don’t even keep statistics, is a less than adequate response.”

UNISON Scotland welcomes the recommendations urging the prosecution authorities to take this issue more seriously, introduce new guidelines and to collect proper data. However, this has been identified as an issue over many years and little has happened. Meanwhile every year more workers are assaulted.

UNISON Scotland will be calling on MSP’s to reject this recommendation and approve the general principles of the Bill when it is debated in the chamber early next year.


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