Tuesday, 31 May 2011

We're not quite ALL in this together...

Do you remember David Cameron  announcing savage budget cuts and austerity measures saying that   "We're all in this together"  - Well, I hate to break it to you, but it seems that he might not have been, all  things considered, taking everything into account, telling the truth   

While most of us face a pay freeze (or even cut) whilst inflation reduces the  value of the wage we do earn... it seems the pain isn't being fully shared  - or even noticed  - by Britain's top bosses.

Executives of FTSE 100 Companies have trousered a 32% pay rise in the last year...

.... leaving them with a salary mid point of £3.5 million

Which according to one survey  - isn't  even performanced related.

This level of money sloshing about at the top is something to bear in mind the next time someone tells you that we have to cut back on services because 'the country is bankrupt' , or that you have to submit to a pay freeze because of 'the state of public finances', or even that " We're all in this together"

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