Sunday, 30 October 2011

Support for pensions campaign

There was welcome support yesterday from all of Scottish Labour's Leader and Deputy Leadership candidates for the ballot on pensions as highlighted in today's Sunday Herald.

In the morning session, UNISON NEC member Gordon McKay introduced the pensions campaign to the debate. He called on the Party to stand with workers in defending their pensions.

At a lunchtime fringe meeting on pensions, UNISON Scottish Organiser Dave Watson explained the reasons for the dispute and set out the political context. He was supported by Unite's Jackson Cullinane in calling on Labour to unequivocally support the campaign and the planned industrial action on 30 November. 

In the afternoon, UNISON delegate Katrina Murray was first up to put the Deputy Leadership candidates on the spot on this issue and was followed by a Unite delegate with a similar question to the Leadership candidates. All answered very positively and we look forward to discussing these issues in more depth at UNISON Scotland's leadership hustings on Saturday 5 November. 

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