Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Edinburgh bows to low paid women in equal pay

Date:               10 January 2012

The path to justice and compensation has been cleared for hundreds of UNISON members today as Edinburgh City Council abandoned its defence of long running equal pay claims. UNISON has been pursuing over 1100 claims for low paid women but many payments had been delayed by the council’s intention to appeal the decision to the Supreme Court in London.

Peter Hunter, UNISON Regional Organiser said:

“The council’s decision to abandon the Supreme Court appeal is another equal pay triumph for low paid women in UNISON. UNISON has been championing this specific issue in the Supreme Court for some time and we are delighted our huge investment has paid off.

"The council’s claim that women and men can be treated differently if they work in different council buildings was a fairly desperate defence.  The time-wasting and delay must stop now – our members deserve justice. Lord knows they’ve waited long enough.

“Hundreds of councils across the UK have been stalling on equality for women in the hope that work location or other trivia might be a defence for discrimination. This ruling has major implications and will be a welcome boost for workers whose wages are being attacked left, right and centre.”



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  1. Anonymous3:48 pm

    it is now October and we are still waiting for our payouts