Monday, 23 April 2012

Demand fair pay for local government workers

Questions to put to candidates standing for election on May 3

Local government workers have been doing ‘more for less’ for too long. Pay rises have fallen below inflation for several years and we are now in the second year of a pay freeze – a real terms pay cut – while inflation continues to rise. The forthcoming local government elections give you the opportunity to challenge council candidates on what they plan to do to change this.

Please find below a list of questions that you should ask candidates standing for election on May 3.

• Do you support the case for the living wage being introduced for all public
service workers?

• Would you support a campaign for fair pay?

• Do you agree that low pay in local government needs to be tackled?

• Would you pay local government workers the £250 that both the UK and Scottish governments said should be paid to low-paid public service workers?

• Do you agree that there should be an end to the current pay freeze – a real-terms pay cut – for local government workers?

Please circulate these questions to as many people as possible and urge them to put these questions to their local candidates. It’s time to put politicians on the spot over local government pay.

For more information on what is being done to tackle local government pay, please talk to your local branch. Keep a look out for information on our upcoming campaign to tackle pay in local government.

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