Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Ask your MSPs to support a Robin Hood Tax

UNISON Scotland supports the Robin Hood Tax and is urging members to contact MSPs asking them to back it.
Three years after the economic crash, ordinary people around the world are still paying the price of a crisis they did nothing to cause. A Robin Hood Tax on the banks could raise tens of billions to help protect public services, fight poverty and tackle climate change at home and abroad.

This tax has gathered support from dozens of countries, including Germany, France, South Africa and, closer to home, Wales. Bill Gates, Joseph Stiglitz (the Scottish Government’s economic advisor) and 1,000 economists have got behind this tax. And First Minister Alex Salmond has also voiced his support. The Robin Hood coalition believes it is now time for the Scottish Parliament to raise its voice. 

It is important for Scotland to join this call to show that the UK Government is increasingly isolated in opposing a Robin Hood Tax. Many people have contacted MPs in the past; now is the time to contact your local MSPs and ask them to show their public support.

A Robin Hood Tax could happen but it needs your help.

You can easily contact your MSPs via the Robin Hood Tax e-action website here


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