Monday, 18 June 2012

Guardian: Union chief vows to step up fight over public sector pay

Dave Prentis, the general secretary of Unison

Unison promises co-ordinated action across schools, hospitals and councils if ministers do not halt pay freeze 

Britain's largest public sector union, Unison, has served notice on the government that pay will be the next industrial battleground. The union plans to co-ordinate action across schools, hospitals and local authorities – including strikes – if ministers do not halt a long-term pay freeze.

Dave Prentis, Unison's general secretary, will launch a fair pay campaign at his union's annual conference this week. Pay is also expected to be a key theme of a TUC protest march in central London on 20 October. Speaking before the conference, Prentis told the Guardian that government pay deals tended to fail after three years and the current regime – launched by George Osborne in 2010 – would suffer the same fate.
"I firmly believe that no pay policy can last more than three years and we will make sure that this policy breaks in the third year," said Prentis, whose union represents more than 1 million health and local government employees.
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  1. Anonymous11:51 pm

    Not before time Dave Prentis our members are sick and tired working theire butts off and trying to make ends meet on a pittance of cuts cuts and more cuts whilst I may add still providing the best quality of care,for what? Time for this goverment to get the message and that time is now.