Tuesday, 17 July 2012

SCCS: @ScotGov fails first climate test. World leading action needed

17 July 2012

The Scottish Government’s failure to meet the first target set by the Climate Change Act marks an extremely worrying start to the implementation of this legislation.

Today’s announcement that Scotland emitted more greenhouse gases in 2010 than the previous year, means ambition has not been matched by action.

The figures for 2010 were released today and show that Scotland’s greenhouse gas emissions increased by nearly 2% from 2009.

2010 is the first year in which annual emissions reduction targets have been set under the Climate Change (Scotland) Act. The Scottish Parliament unanimously passed the Act in 2009 and was praised for taking a world-leading stance on tackling climate change.

Mike Robinson, Stop Climate Chaos Scotland board member, said: “Scotland is proud of our political leadership in setting legislation on this issue, but this has to translate into credible action on the ground.

“These figures underline the need for greater leadership in actually delivering reductions. World-leading climate legislation needs world-leading climate action.

“It is unacceptable to the thousands of people across Scotland who called for a strong Climate Change Act in 2009 that we have fallen short of this first test...

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