Monday, 1 October 2012

We're Not Broke - European premiere

We’re Not Broke is the globally resonant story of the financial crisis in America, the lobbyists who sought to capitalize on it, and the campaign movements that are opposing it. With the world in the grip of the worst recession since the Great Depression, the conclusion that massive public spending cuts are inevitable seems unquestionable. But is that the whole story? This searing exposé reveals the infuriating facts that brand name corporations are trying to hide: not least their secreting away trillions of dollars in taxation and relationships with government that, according to the filmmakers, are directly responsible for the middle class shrinking and the poor getting poorer.

Take One Action are delighted to welcome Jolyon Rubenstein, star of BBC3’s new political satire The Revolution Will Be Televised, for discussion after this screening alongside Dave Watson (Scottish Organiser, UNISON) and Paul Brannen (Christian Aid).

Tues 2 Oct, 8.30pm
Edinburgh Filmhouse

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