Monday 11 March 2013

#JoinUNISON UNISON - essential cover wherever you work

Dave Prentis, UNISON General Secretary.

11 March 2013

Today UNISON launches its major new recruitment campaign on television and on social media with one key message:

Join UNISON - essential cover wherever you work.

With 1.3 million members UNISON is already a union to reckon with - but there are still hundreds of thousands of public service workers out there who don't yet have the essential cover that UNISON provides.

These are hard working people who feel they have little or no defence against the government's attack on their jobs. They are in the eye of the storm. What keeps them awake at night is worrying about losing their jobs and how they can continue to live with a pay freeze that has lasted over three years.

We want them to turn to us for help, support and essential cover wherever they work. We will stand with them and help them be strong in these tough times.

UNISON is a powerful union and we will only get stronger, so join us today and get essential cover wherever you work.


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