Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Support HE members out on strike today

UNISON Scotland sends a big message of support to all of our members across the higher education sector who are embarking on strike action today in a bitter row over pay.

This is the second walk out by unions representing all sectors of the higher education workforce – UNISON, EIS, UNITE, UCU Scotland. It’s not an action our members have taken lightly, but following a 13 per cent decrease in the value of pay over the last few years, the workforce serving our students have had enough. Staff are being asked to do more and take home less to their families year after year.

John Graham, a UNISON member at Queen Margaret University, said: “The strike was strong before but it’s even better this time. We’re delighted by the numbers picketing and it’s clear we have huge support from our colleagues.”

UNISON Scotland continues to back our higher education members’ right for a reasonable pay rise and urges universities to get back around the table and offer fresh proposals to reverse the wage cut. 

For more information visit our website www.unison-scotland.org.uk/highered/index.html

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