Monday, 6 January 2014

Support the SCCS #wanttoseedouble campaign - double the funds for cycling and walking

New figures this week show commuters switching from public transport to driving, with fewer people walking to work.

That is absolutely not the direction of travel we want to see.

The SCCS #wanttoseedouble campaign is asking the Scottish Government to double the budget for active travel.

Please join in by signing up today to take part in the online action happening this Thursday, 9 January.

Through Thunderclap you can take action immediately - any time between now and Thursday - but your message (on Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr) will be sent out at the same time on 9 Jan.

The aim is to grab the attention of Finance Minister John Swinney just before he publishes his Budget Bill.

You can read here about why it is so important to boost funds for cycling and walking - for healthier lives and for climate justice.

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