Wednesday, 16 April 2014

UNISON and STUC tackling Israeli apartheid

#stuc14 UNISON’s Sam Macartney spoke on the motion on solidarity with the Palestinian People. Sam drew on UNISON’s experience of hosting Palestinian footballer Mahood Sarack Mahood, who comes from the Occupied Territories had been arrested and interned for the ‘crime’ of trying to visit his family without the permission of the Israeli army.

“This” Sam told congress “ is the reality of life for Palestinians in the occupied territories”.

Sam outlined UNISON support for the STUC policy of boycott and disinvestment. Pointing to the experience of the campaign against apartheid in South Africa, where a sporting boycott was an important factor in the campaign to isolate the regime, Sam urged a similar approach to dealing with the Israeli Apartheid regime.

The motion passed with an overwhelming majority

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