Friday, 5 September 2014

Doncaster Care UK strikers in Glasgow

Andy Squires, shop steward from Doncaster Health Branch spoke to UNISON Scotland organisers in Glasgow today. He updated them on the Doncaster Care UK Strike

Doncaster living services for vulnerable people had historically always been provided by the NHS. However it was tended out by Doncaster Council. The tender was bid for and won by a private company.

Andy told the meeting that UNISON members in Doncaster that members had overwhelmingly voted for strike action and are fighting an employer intent on slashing wages to below the living wage in order to make their profits.

Andy said, 'we are on strike for a fair living wage. Staff are now in danger of losing their homes dues to wages being slashed by up to 40%. One in five are living below the poverty line. We all need a pay rise.'

UNISON Scotland organisers asked Andy to thank UNISON members in Doncaster for 'standing up to further privatisation NHS and for getting national media coverage highlighting many of the privatisation, low pay and employment law issues we are fighting here in Scotland too'

All donations to Doncaster Carers campaign can be made payable to 'Doncaster UNISON 20511'



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