Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Take One Action - get to GFT for UNISON sponsored film Salt of the Earth!

SALT OF THE EARTH (USA 1954) - GFT Thu 2 October at 6pm
Screening and audience discussion - with Cath Cunningham - Fife miners' strike women's support activist

The Take One Action Film Festival is on now and has some fantastic films. UNISON Scotland has sponsored four of the screenings - our last one is on Thursday 2 October at Glasgow Film Theatre

Banned for a decade in the US, SALT OF THE EARTH is a pioneering agitprop drama tracing the story a mine-workers’ strike against so-called “austerity measures".

When a debilitating accident befalls a New Mexican zinc miner as a result of safety cutbacks, Mexican and US miners alike decide to withdraw their labour. But it is only when the workers’ wives get involved – bringing a moving and lyrical definition to solidarity – that the balance of power painfully starts to shift.

Featuring mainly real-life miners and their families, Salt of the Earth remains a fresh and rousing call for on-going non-violent resistance in the face of consumer and corporate exploitation.

More info here:

or at the Take One Action website

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