Monday, 26 October 2015

Dave Prentis - Join UNISON marching for Climate, Justice and Jobs

UNISON General Secretary Dave Prentis has spoken out to support the global call for urgent action on climate change this November and December. 

He said UNISON members will be joining in marches and rallies across the UK, organised by Stop Climate Chaos Scotland and the Climate Coalition Movement, and in Paris, all timed to coincide with international demonstrations.

Dave explained the key role that trade union mobilisation has to play around ensuring the best outcome for workers and communities from the UN Climate Change talks to be held in Paris, in December. 

In an article for SERA , Labour's environment campaign, he said that trade unions are asking for a Just transition and decent work:

“UNISON is promoting the global public service trade union demands agreed by the Public Services International (PSI). All Governments in Paris should sign a universal, ambitious, binding and enforceable carbon emission-reduction agreement that goes beyond 2020. 

"All governments need to commit to a just transition as the human and economic costs of the transition need to be managed whether its support for displaced workers, affected communities who suffer local plant closures and job losses or low-income households who need support for affordable fuel.”

UNISON will be supporting the rallies and marches to be held on the weekend of the 28th and 28th November, in Edinburgh, Cardiff, Belfast and London, and in other major cities around the world at the same time. Dave said that it's important for members to join one of the marches, adding:

"We want to make sure that the UK government is clear about our trade union demands for a just transition: 

- creating new jobs and skilling a new generation through massive public investment in renewable energy, fuel poverty measures of insulation and green public transport;
- moving energy and industries from a fossil fuel dependency to a low carbon energy sustainable economy, while protecting workers' rights;
- providing a fair international climate deal to ensure a safe planet for future generations”
"Paris is just the beginning not the end. UNISON's green reps in the workplace will play a vital role in the Just Transition.”

UK marches:

Saturday 28th November

Cardiff – Organised by Stop Climate Chaos Cymru. Contact Haf Elgar at Friends of the Earth,

Edinburgh – Scotland’s Climate March: Show Your Colours for Climate, Justice and Jobs organised by Stop Climate Chaos Scotland . Event details can be found at Also, see details on this blog here about the UNISON Scotland Green Network meeting on 14 Nov and poss subsidised places for members nominated by branches, for a bus to the Paris demonstration on Saturday 12 December.

Sunday 29th November
London – Peoples March for Climate, Justice and Jobs by Climate Movement Group and Climate Coalition – Join UNISON in the trade union block

Belfast - The Peoples Climate event in Belfast

Meanwhile the International Trade Union Confederation today issued a statement on the Paris talks, calling for stronger commitments from governments. Details here 


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