Monday, 2 November 2015

Scottish Labour Party conference

The Autumn Scottish political party conference season ends with the Scottish Labour Party in Perth.

The format for UNISON is different from other party conferences because through UNISON Labour Link we are an affiliated organisation and therefore have a delegation as well as the usual stall and fringe meetings. We can and do put motions on the agenda and participate in debates. The job of UNISON Labour Link is to take UNISON policy into the Scottish Labour Party.

Our fringe meeting on Friday was on 'Tackling Inequality' with our campaign partners CPAG Scotland, SHA Scotland and the Poverty Alliance. It was an opportunity to showcase the radical report of the Commission on Health Inequalities that UNISON supported.

Another Commission UNISON supported was on social care that makes the case for UNISON's Ethical Care Charter and much else. On Saturday, Scottish Labour Leader Kezia Dugdale referenced this report and gave a commitment that under Scottish Labour every care worker will be paid the Scottish Living Wage.

George McIrvine from our Police Scotland branch welcomed support from North-East constituencies for UNISON's campaign on control room closures. Replacing trained civilian staff with police officers makes absolutely no sense.

Another contribution in the health debate came from UNISON's Angela Feeney who also received the Keir Hardie Award for her work in the community campaign From Wishaw to Calais.

Sunday was billed as Member's Sunday when the issues to be debated were decided by a priority ballot. We were pleased that the Trade Union Bill, TTIP, Trident and housing were chosen. UNISON's priorities shared by all parts of the movement. UNISON's motion on the Trade Union Bill was moved by Gordon McKay who described the Bill as a vindictive attack on working people.

Overall, conference agreed a number of policies that closely mirror UNISON positions on policing, health, social care, TTIP, Trident replacement and of course the Trade Union Bill.


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