Monday, 18 April 2016

Workers of all ages deserve a real living wage

#STUC16 STUC Congress slammed the UK Government’s “so-called” national living wage and pledged to press for a real Living Wage for all workers, including those under 25. See all reports on the website

UNISON’s Helen Duddy, supporting the motion slammed the current situation which means that those aged 16-25, who are doing the exact same job and hours as their fellow co-workers, can be paid less by as much as £3.50 per hour. “How can this be acceptable?” asked Helen.

She spoke about her granddaughter, aged 20, who works part-time in a restaurant whilst studying at university. “She has worked there for about two years, she helps train new staff. This occasionally can lead her to be training a person on a higher salary due to the age difference.

“She is on £5.30 per hour. A new start over 25 would be on £7.20 an hour. At the other side of the scale we have 16 year olds doing the same job as the over 25 and receiving £3.80 per hour. “Again I ask, why is this acceptable?”

“As a result, there is a real risk that young workers will be left behind on pay with the possibility of young people being exploited.”

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