Monday, 23 April 2018

Local Government Pay – All you need to know.

UNISON (and other unions) submitted our pay claim in January for 2018-19.


The claim was for a flat rate increase of £1500 or 6.5% - whichever was the greater ( based on a 37 hr week and applied after the Scottish Local Government t Living Wage rate has been updated), with a similar percentage increase in allowances.
We are also looking for a commitment to make up for the loss of earnings after years of below inflation rises over the next five years.
(The full details of the claim are here)

It took COSLA over two months to respond.


COSLA responded to the offer on 26th March proposing;
3% for everyone earning up to £36 500
(They propose raising Scottish Government Living Wage from £8.51per hour - £8.77 per hour. That will provide 3% for those getting that rate.)
2% for everyone earning £36 501- 80, 000
£1600 for those on £80k+
They propose increasing allowances by 3% (except First Aid which will be dealt with separately)


We 'noted' this offer. We also noted that while COSLA said this was a final offer they were writing to the Scottish government saying that if the government want to provide one lot of workers (there are four bargaining groups, ourselves, craft workers, teachers and Chief Officers) with a better settlement than anyone else. Then the government better come up with the cash to pay for it, COSLA for their part want to give everyone the same increase. (Something we’ve argued for years.)

So we decided we would write to the Scottish government too... asking them to give COSLA enough cash to give everyone a decent raise at the same rate. (The letter is here)...


The joint unions have another meeting with COSLA on the 4th May. We’ll find out then if the Scottish Government are going to front up any more money to councils – but we’ll keep arguing for our claim.
Stay tuned.

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