Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Glasgow: Budget cuts rally George Square 12.15pm Tuesday 22 June 2010

Budget Day Protest against Tory/ Libdem Cuts!
Rally George Square, 12.15pm Tuesday 22nd June 2010

From UNISON Glasgow City branch

Budget Statement June 22nd

The newly elected Tory/ Lib dem coalition is wasting no time in announcing attacks on public sector spending and its our jobs and the vital services that we provide that are due for the axe!

This financial crisis is not of our making and is the biggest con trick for years – use public money to bail out the banks then bankers and politicians announce that the public sector must pay with cuts in jobs and services.

We reject the government and media campaign that places the blame for the crisis at the door of public sector workers/ public sector services.

We reject the idea ‘private good/ public bad’.

We need a united campaign of service providers and service users to fight cuts described as “worse than during Thatcher’s time”.

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