Saturday, 19 June 2010

Kilmarnock - 300 turn out in sun to defy SDL bigots

Chris Bartter writes:
"Here are a couple of photos of the rally today in Kilmarnock. Over 300 people marched in the sun to defy the 30 or so SDL bigots that turned up. Rally addressed by Cathy Jamieson MP, Arthur West of Kilmarnock & Loudoun TUC and East Ayrshire UNISON. And others. Full story below"

Over 300 marchers from the TU movement and the local community, today showed the imported bigots of the so-called SDL that Kilmarnock was a no-go area for their hate. As Kilmarnock and Loudon United, they marched through the centre of the town in brilliant sunshine to cheers and applause from shoppers and local residents. The 30 or so bigots, were meanwhile corralled by a heavy police presence away from the city centre.

After the march the rally in Howard Park heard from Cathy Jamieson MP, who told marchers how proud she was of the turn out and the responses from local people.

Arthur West, of Kilmarnock and Loudon TUC and Secretary of East Ayrshire UNISON branch, and a key march organiser said:
"It is heartening to see a turn out like this from right across the local community. Kilmarnock has shown the SDL that this is no place for them to peddle their hate."

Other speakers from the local community, the council and Unite against Fascism congratulated the crowd.

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