Monday, 18 April 2011

Congress slams 'irresponsible and ideological' cuts

The STUC reiterated its support for public services, calling on the Tory led UK Government to rethink its ‘irresponsible aand ideological’ aproach to economic policy.

Instead it should adopt measures which promote growth and create jobs, based on fair taxation. It pledged to continue campaigning with its member unions and communities to defend services and the right to work.

UNISON's Rory Malone told delegates that high quality public services are essential to the quality of life for Scotland's people, especially in tough times. Essential to making sure we have a fair society that combines economic strength and social cohesion.

He called for social investment in roads, hospitals and housing; investment in the green economy and the provision of well paid and secure jobs, apprenticeships, training and a living wage

"We know we can afford this", said Rory. "We need a fair tax system and a crackdown on tax avoidance, decent pay for workers and improved social provision to reduce individual debt. We need to re-regulate the finance sector and re-direct our pensions to useful and sustainable investments."

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