Friday, 16 September 2011

Local authorities must get to grips with the reality of social care costs

UNISON, Scotland’s largest union in public services, today called on local authorities to get to grips with the reality of social care costs.

A report in today’s Herald highlights the growing costs facing elderly and disabled people for a range of services from day care to shopping delivery services.

The article, a result of FOI requests to all of Scotland’s councils, shows charges for these services have doubled in some areas over the past three years.

The union has said this is yet further evidence of how the UK Government’s cuts are hitting Scotland’s most vulnerable people.

Dave Watson, UNISON’s Scottish Organiser, said: “It is time to stop the drastic cuts, end the postcode lottery and focus on providing essential services for those who really need it.

“But it’s not just users who are bearing the brunt of these cuts, it’s also the staff who deliver the services who are facing massive attacks on their pay and conditions.

“The Scottish Government needs to focus on maintaining and improving quality care provision in Scotland or face a race to the bottom in service delivery.”

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