Wednesday, 7 September 2011

SCCS E-Action: Ask the Government to put its money where its mouth is

Scotland’s Climate Change Act is world-leading but it'll be impossible to meet our commitments if there isn't adequate funding.

UNISON and other organisations in the Stop Climate Chaos Scotland coalition are urging members and supporters to write to MSPs in September, calling for climate change action to be properly funded.

The Scottish Government is planning next year's budget now for Parliament to consider – you can help put the pressure on to ensure they allocate enough money for action on climate change - such as insulating housing and providing better public transport.

To take part in the SCCS E-Action click here (A full briefing on the budget letter writing campaign is here)

SCCS evidence to Finance Committee on preventative spending

SCCS told MSPs that tackling climate change is one of the most important pieces of preventative spending that Scotland, and the rest of the world, must make in order to avoid disastrous social and economic impacts, many of which will fall hardest on the poorest and least able to respond.

The key point: SCCS calls on the Finance Committee to recommend that this budget must, as a minimum, fully fund all of the measures set out in the Government’s own plans to meet our climate change targets as set out in Low Carbon Scotland: The Report on Proposals and Policies.

SCCS evidence in full. UNISON Scotland evidence, including a section on climate change.
STUC conference on low carbon economy, green workplaces, skills and Just Transition

Trade unionists from across Scotland will be taking part in the STUC climate change conference in Edinburgh on Tuesday 4 October. Details here.

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