Monday, 15 April 2013

Benefits cap punishes people for being poor, jobless and having families #JoinUNISON

15 April 2013

UNISON General Secretary Dave Prentis today hit out at the
latest phase in the government’s war on people who have to rely on benefits.

People in four London boroughs will have their benefits capped, ahead of the policy being rolled-out across England, Scotland and Wales between July and September.

Dave said: "Our benefits system is there to give a helping hand to those who need our help, yet this government is using it to score political points and deepen divisions in our society.

"This policy punishes people for being poor, for being jobless, for having families. It will increase homelessness and force councils to uproot families and move them miles away from home. The amount saved will be about £110m a year and, but unless there are jobs for those people to move into to help support themselves, it could be even less.

"That sounds a lot, but the total benefit bill is £201bn. And in all the talk of "fairness" that this government comes out with, remember tax avoidance costs us £30bn.


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