Thursday, 2 May 2013

BBC: Union chief and MSP argue over Scottish council tax freeze

2 May 2013 
BBC Radio Scotland interviewed UNISON's Dave Watson his morning. You can listen here
Report on BBC website..
"Unison official Dave Watson and SNP MSP James Dronan disagree over whether the council tax freeze has been a good thing for householders.
"The union said people in the most expensive Band H homes saved on average £441 per year while those in the cheapest homes saved £147 a year.
"It added that increased charges for services such as rent had far outweighed the claimed savings.
"However, Mr Dornan told BBC Radio Scotland's Good Morning Scotland programme: "This is a fully funded council tax freeze. So, there is no reason for the council to be cutting services based on the council tax freeze."
"Mr Watson disagreed, telling Mr Dornan on the same programme: "Sorry, the council tax freeze isn't fully funded, it has remained at the same funding level for almost since it was started.""

UNISON's news release and report

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