Thursday, 9 May 2013

Personal injury settlement figures show the value of #JoinUNISON

9 May 2013

UNISON members in Scotland have received a total of more than £700,000 in personal injuries settlements in January to March this year.

The figure shows the value of UNISON membership and details from three cases give examples of how the legal benefits scheme has been invaluable for these individual members:

£35,000 for member hit by reversing car

A UNISON member has been compensated to the tune of £35,000 after being involved in a road traffic accident in Troon. The member was crossing the road when she was knocked to the ground by a car reversing at speed.

The member sustained a Colles fracture to her wrist and as a result of her injury was forced to take early retirement from work. As a UNISON member she was able to take advantage of our legal benefits scheme and through the help of specialist trade union lawyers Thompsons was able to make a claim against the driver.

Liability was admitted and a settlement was agreed to take into account future wage loss and the impact of our member having to draw her pension early.

This was a good result for our member and highlights the range of services which are covered by UNISON's legal benefits scheme. 

UNISON member secures £8,500 for amputated finger

A UNISON member has been helped to compensation totalling £8,500 after an accident at work left him with part of his finger amputated.

The member who was employed by Edinburgh City Council as a school technician at Boroughmuir High School was operating a circular saw to cut wood in preparation for a school project when the saw became jammed. In attempting to clear the wood from the mechanism his finger came into contact with the blade resulting in the tip of his left index finger being cut off.

Again, as a member of UNISON he was entitled to free legal help from Thompsons Solicitors through our legal services benefits and a claim was initiated against Edinburgh City Council. Although the council denied liability in the first instance, the claim was successful leaving our member with damages of £8,500 to compensate him for his injury. 

Member compensated after needle injury at work

A UNISON member injured by a discarded needle in a Glasgow hospital has been awarded compensation.
The employee of Greater Glasgow Health Board worked as a domestic at the Victoria Infirmary when the accident occurred. His thumb was pricked by a needle which had been incorrectly disposed of while he was clearing clinical waste from the intensive care unit.
The member was subsequently tested for any contamination from the needle but fortunately tests proved clear.
As a UNISON member he was entitled to legal support from Thompsons who intimated a claim against the Health Board on the grounds of vicarious liability given it was unknown who discarded the needle. 
The claim was successful and the member was awarded damages totalling £1,250.



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