Monday, 5 August 2013

UNISON members' Blackpool trip - union support in good times as well as bad


Members from UNISON Scotland's branch at the State Hospital, Carstairs, have just enjoyed a day trip to Blackpool.

Lots of members' children took part in the fun day out which they said was roller coaster fantastic.

A branch spokesperson said: "The weather was unbelievably good, with bright sunshine all day.

"Our branch gave each child a £20 gift to help with the cost and I think all the children had a great time.

"But the main thing about our day out is the fact that our union is not just about the bad times, dealing with problems at work, grievances and so on.

"It's about being united as a group of people who just want what is right, fair and equal for one another.

"This is a great union, not just in the bad times, but in the fun times too."

The branch gave a vote of thanks to Tom, who made all the arrangements.

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