Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Can we get the fossils out of finance? - March 26, Edinburgh

Join a panel of speakers - including UNISON Edinburgh Branch President John Stevenson - as they look at the arguments behind fossils divestment and decarbonising finance. 

How we can keep investing in fossil fuels when they put our future in jeopardy? As the risk of a carbon bubble becomes clearer, the movement to divest from fossil fuels is becoming stronger. The panel will explore the practical actions we can take forward, including calling on pension funds to use our money for positive investments.

The event is taking place on Wednesday, March 26, at 7.30pm, in the Methodist Church Hall, Nicolson Square, EH8 9BX. Speakers at the event include:
  • Rob Edwards, the environment editor of the Herald
  • Undine Schmidt, University of Edinburgh People & Planet
  • Peter McColl, Rector, University of Edinburgh
  • John Stevenson, City of Edinburgh UNISON
For more information, contact:
0131 243 2700

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