Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Minimum Wage should be Living Wage - UNISON

Wed 12 March 2014

Commenting on today’s Government’s announcement confirming new minimum wage rates, Dave Prentis, General Secretary of UNISON said:

"Of course the rise will be welcomed, but at £6.50 an hour the new minimum wage will still be more than £1 less than the Living Wage needed to keep people out of poverty.

"Across the country people are struggling to make ends meet.  The sooner we move to a Living Wage the better.  The real winners today will again be pay day loan sharks who prey on working people, unable to bridge the financial gap between what they earn and what their families need to survive.

"Once again we see young people being picked out for poorer treatment.  We need to give them hope. When you are earning so little 2% means a very small increase indeed.

"Even the Chancellor has stated support for a £7 an hour minimum wage rate.  The Government should have had the courage to step up and meet that target."


The Living Wage is currently £8.80 in London and £7.65 outside

UNISON UK news release

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