Monday, 16 June 2014

Give us back our employment rights

#uLGC14 UNISON will launch a Local Government Fair Employment Charter before the next general election to underpin a range of employment and human rights as delegates backed calls for a future Government to restore and improve on contractual rights.

Speaking in support at UNISON Local Government Conference on Sunday, Edinburgh’s Duncan Smith reminded Conference that their branch had successfully fought off attempts to privatise large chunks of their council services.

“We slew that dragon,” he said, “but it’s returned in another form – BOLD – “Better Outcomes, Leaner Delivery”. The “leaner” bit is for us is vacancies are unfilled, fewer staff working harder, and new attacks on our conditions.”

He warned that further cuts in his authority of £422 million by 2017/18 will result in further challenges, as the council talk about setting up a Trading Company, Joint Ventures, a Cultural Trust and outsourcing.

“They can only save money by lowering service conditions in these new bodies,” warned Duncan, calling for Branches to defend the conditions of members both within the council and outside.

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