Tuesday 17 June 2014

Tory health and safety proposals are ‘ideological nonsense'

#uNDC14 A fully funded and properly resourced Health and Safety Executive is the only safe and healthy option for our members and communities, said Glasgow’s Chris Stephens, as Conference pledged to fight the commercialisation and privatisation of the HSE.

Seconding a motion from Stockport, Chris told delegates that last year Glasgow had warned about the Westminster Governnment’s attack on the Health and Safety Executive and draconian changes to health and safety law.

“This attack is another example of the Tory agenda to deregulate the economy and to take away the rights of working people,” slammed Chris, reminding delegates that the government’s case for the privatisation of the HSE is based on a report which stated that the existing structure was fit for purpose.

“The Tory proposals are ideological nonsense. We all know that commercialisation and privatisation have delivered failure after failure,” warned Chris, as he called for the union to do more on health and safety and use this issue as an organising tool.

“Our message must be clear on defending our hard won health and safety rights. We know workplaces with safety reps are statistically twice as safe.

“The Tories say it is a burden on business. Try telling that to the victims and the families of those who have been injured, maimed or killed at work.”

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