Monday, 1 December 2014

Candlelight vigil held for Bhopal's second generation victims

From Sam Macartney and Scott Donohoe in Bhopal leading up to the 3 December anniversary of the disaster: 

Many events have been organised over the next three days to remember the victims of this disaster. Proceedings started on Sunday with the Mela of alternatives, an event looking at the way forward to aid the victims in the campaign. This was followed by a seminar on the medical aid issues which are ongoing. (See a backgrounf briefing on Bhopal here)

A press conference was held and organised by AmnestyIinternational chaired by their Secretary General and finally on the Sunday evening a candle light vigil was held by the second generation of victims impacted by this disaster. Their families will not forget and neither should we.

Further updates will follow as events unfold.
Sam Macartney
UNISON Scotland international committee

The Chairs of UNISON Scotland’s International Committee, Sam Macartney and Health & Safety Committee, Scott Donohoe are taking part in a delegation to Bhopal, India, to mark the anniversary on 3rd December 2014 to mark the 30th anniversary of the industrial disaster that has killed 25,000, left 120,000 chronically ill and continues to maim subsequent generations.

Sam said: "The UNISON delegation supports the Bhopal Medical Appeal as part of UNISON's ongoing commitment to international issues around the world.

"The Bhopal campaign continues its major support for victims workers and communities in India seeking justice from Union Carbide, now Dow chemicals, to take responsibility for its actions in causing this major disaster in 1984. UNISON fully supports the communities and workers in this endeavour.

"The UNISON delegation will seek to gain the knowledge and personal experiences from workers and communities who lived through this harrowing time and support them to gain justice and retribution. Lessons must be learned and UNISON can help to raise the profile of this campaign and help to get the message out that health and safety and workers rights cannot be denied."

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