Friday, 17 June 2011

Public sector pensions – UNISON response

Commenting on Danny Alexander’s announcements on public sector pensions, Mike Kirby, UNISON’s Scottish Secretary, said:

“It’s a real shame that Danny Alexander has seen fit to make these inflammatory announcements through the media, while we are still in the middle of detailed negotiations with both the UK and Scottish Governments.

“Many public sector workers do very physically demanding jobs - expecting paramedics to carry patients into an ambulance at 66, 67 or even 68 is a danger to themselves and patients. And the same is true for nurses, midwives, bin men, road cleaners and many more.

“We want public sector pension schemes to be fair, affordable and sustainable which is why they were renegotiated only a few years ago.

“Taking the low paid out of the pensions’ increase is nothing but sugar coating, and those on modest wages will have to pay more.

“This ill-informed attack on public sector pensions has nothing to do with a pensions deficit and everything to do with making public sector workers pay to clean up the financial mess left by the city bankers.”

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