Thursday, 23 June 2011

Tools to build an organising union

#uNDC11 UNISON agreed a wide ranging strategy to promote the organising agenda within the union as a basis for effective campaigning to face current and future challenges.

It will provide a range of practical resources and tools for branches to fight the cuts and recruit new membership.

Kate Ramsden, Aberdeenshire Branch said, “We face unprecedented challenges ahead - cuts to our services, our pay and conditions and now our pensions.”

“Too many people still believe that cuts to public services are unavoidable. We need to get the key message that there is an alternative out there to our members and to the public. We need to mobilise our members to fight these challenges.”

Kate highlighted some of the successes - in Aberdeenshire, a Pathways training event for women stewards and a positive engagement with the media and at Scottish level, a strong lead and tartanised resources from the Policy & Information team and the Communications and Campaigns Committee.

Kate warned, “We have a long way to go. Our density could and needs to be much better. And our activists are still a small minority.

“So let's make sure that the support is there for us to get our message across. Let Nil desperandum be our mantra, which in Scots means, we won't let the tossers grind us down!”

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