Sunday, 25 November 2012

A Just Scotland: STUC interim report on constitutional report published

25 November 2012
A Just Scotland, the STUC's interim report on its constitutional consultation which took place across Scotland in September and October, has been published.

A Just Scotland interim report pdf Nov 2012
A Just Scotland press release

"A Just Scotland lays out challenges for both sides of the debate. In particular it criticises the use of misleading figures in the debate over Scotland’s fiscal position. The report identifies deep problems with the economic and fiscal model imagined by the leading voices in the YES Campaign. However it also calls on the Better Together parties to outline a practical vision of how social and economic justice can achieved within the union and to calls for detailed attention to be paid to proposals for enhanced devolution."
STUC press release 25 Nov 2012

UNISON Scotland consultation report A Fairer Scotland will be considered at UNISON Scottish Council Saturday 1 Dec 2012

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