Thursday, 8 November 2012

UNISON responds to report on nursery education around staff qualifications

Thu 7 Nov: Carol Ball, education spokeswoman for public service union Unison, said: "Child development officers plan and provide for the curriculum and educate children in nurseries to the same level as qualified teachers and, in some cases, our qualifications are more appropriate."

From Herald article:
Wide variations in childrens' access to teachers at nursery Thu 7 November by Andrew Denholm


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  1. Anonymous9:48 am

    That's not what the report says Carol. The report does not denigrate Child Development Officers - it says that the higher the level of qualification the better the outcomes for children, regardless of profession. Surely you would support raising the qualification level of the majority of your members. The old NNEB which the majority of staff hold is no longer enough, the HNC is better but we need more degree qualified staff from both teacher and practicioner training backgrounds if we want Scotland to be the best place to bring up children. You should welcome this report and stop being so defensive every time the value of teachers in nursery is mentioned. Valuing the contribution of teachers is not a criticism of Child Development Officers, both are needed as part of a team to ensure quality.