Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Millions still cannot find a job: UNISON's Dave Prentis on UK unemployment

Wed 14 Nov 2012

Commenting on the fall in unemployment figures, Dave Prentis, UNISON General Secretary, warned the Government that that there is no room for complacency saying:

“The claimant count is still growing, as is the number of people stuck in part-time work who want to work full-time. Millions of people, including a huge number of the under 25’s, still cannot find a job.

“Christmas may bring some relief in the form of temporary work, but it will be a real struggle for those who are still searching for work. And if deeper cuts are outlined in the government’s Autumn Statement, things will only get worse in the New Year. We urge the government to give the nation the Christmas present it needs, and start 2013 with a pro-growth, pro-jobs, pro-hope economic stimulus that can get the UK on the road to real and sustainable recovery.”


Unemployment in the regions between July and September was:

Region           Total unemployment   Change on quarter Percentage rate

North East         127,000             minus 7,000       9.8%

North West         293,000            minus 26,000       8.4%

Yorkshire/Humber   247,000            minus 20,000       9.1%

East Midlands      178,000            minus 15,000       7.7%

West Midlands      235,000               no change       8.6%

East of England    212,000              plus 8,000       6.8%

London             372,000              plus 6,000       8.7%

South East         289,000              plus 6,000       6.5%

South West         155,000             minus 2,000       5.8%

Wales              121,000             minus 5,000       8.2%

Scotland           218,000              plus 4,000       8.1%

Northern Ireland    67,000              plus 1,000       7.6%

UNISON UK press release:


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