Monday, 10 December 2012

Herald: Warning - women facing workplace segregation - UNISON comment

From The Herald Mon 10 Dec 2012

A hard-hitting report from a Holyrood committee found women are subjected to "occupational segregation", clustered in certain jobs such as caring, cleaning and clerical work.

A glass ceiling still separates women from boardroom jobs, while they also receive unequal pay to men, the Equal Opportunities Committee's inquiry into the unequal participation of women in work found. It has now issued a call for experts to come forward with ways to address these issues and other problems.


The trade union Unison has been in the front line of campaigning for workplace equality, and organiser Dave Watson said:

"We welcome this initiative from the Equal Opportunities Committee.

"At a time when the UK Government is seeking to weaken equality measures, it is very welcome that the Scottish Parliament is looking at practical ways to strengthen equality in the workplace.

"Inequality in the workplace has many causes including job segregation, pay, training and access to childcare. The Equal Opportunities Committee is right to recognise that the problem is well understood.

"We now need to move towards action at every level."


Full story by Robbie Dinwoodie - Mon 10 Dec 2012 - at The Herald website:


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