Wednesday, 12 December 2012

'Anger at university bonuses' - 'cleaners get crumbs'

12 Dec 2012

The Herald and Morning Star newspapers reported today on UNISON criticisms of bonuses paid at Napier University.

The Herald's Andrew Denholm reported on  'Anger at university bonuses':

"UNIONS have attacked plans to give staff at a university a Christmas bonus.
Members of the Unison branch at Edinburgh Napier University described the scheme to give staff a one-off payment of 0.5% of their salary as "unfair and unworthy" to lower-paid staff.

Emma Phillips, the union's regional organiser, said: "When you work it out, this means the many cleaning, catering and portering staff who are part-time would get just £80.""
Full story here

The Morning Star's report by Peter Lazenby said: 'Cleaners get crumbs under uni bonus plan':

University cleaners and porters slammed a Christmas bonus plan today that would give them less than £80 while their £200,000-a-year boss receives £1,000.

Staff at Edinburgh's Napier University, members of public-sector union Unison, branded the Christmas bonus proposed by principal Dame Joan Stringer "unfair and unworthy."

Unison regional organiser Emma Phillips said: "The principal's Christmas message tells all staff they have provided valued work to help achieve success for the university.

"Yet the unusual 'special payment' she proposes is a one-off payment of 0.5 per cent of your annual salary plus £100, pro-rata for part-time staff."

Full report here


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