Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Barnardo's staff shocked by pension scheme closure - UNISON

Wed 16 Jan 2013
Staff at Barnardo’s are shocked and angry at reports that the charity is to close its career average staff pension and replace it with a vastly inferior scheme.  UNISON, the union representing workers at the charity, called the decision  “premature and a bitter disappointment to staff who are only now being consulted after the event”

Simon Watson, UNISON National Officer for the Third Sector, went on to say:

“Staff working for Barnardo’s are fully committed to helping children throughout the UK and do a fantastic job.  They do not get big pay packets or bonuses, so their pension and saving for security in their retirement, means a lot to them and taking that away is a real betrayal.

“Barnardo’s should have consulted fully with UNISON and at least provided more detailed financial information.  The financial information that UNISON has obtained simply does not point to an urgent financial need for this drastic decision.   Management need to think again about their mission which must include caring for its staff in their retirement.”

Barnardo’s are obliged to undertake a formal consultation by the pension regulator. UNISON will use this period to seek alternatives to closing the scheme.


UNISON UK News Release:


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  1. This is not good, at least all pension investors should be given a fair chance.. I don't like it.